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Anna Lubelska, Director of Spiritual England, has been discussing the subject of Enlightenment ‘ with Shri Subramania Siva Yogi in Kerala, India.

About Shri S.S.Yogi

Shri S.S. Yogi is the youngest son of Late Sree P.S. Sankara Pillai and Smt Kunjammal Amma and born at pulimoottil house in Eraviperoor village, Pathanamthitta Dist. His father was a teacher and a scholar in Sanskrit and Malayalam. His father was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva. In his child hood his father used to narrate many stories from Puranas and Vedas which inspires devotion. After his education he went to Mumbai and was employed there for ten years. He came back and established an Allopathic Medical outlet, which is existing for the last fourty years. He used to read Hindu Religious books (Versions of Vedas, Upanishaths and Mythological stories). As a result he wished to know more about him. He met a Guru. With his admirable advice he began to worship Lord Siva. He used to be in meditation (Dhyana) in the morning and in the evening. He chanted OM NAMASIVAYA Mantra uninterrupted for about 12 years while doing his Karmic duties. During this period he was leading a simple and controlled life in all his activities.

Shri S.S. Yogi is now doing the following three subjects:

  • Passing "OM" NAMASIVAYA Mantra as LIVE throughout the World for the material as well as Spiritual benefits.
  • Teaching RAJA YOGA - the advanced Spirituality.
  • Teaching PRANAYAMA (Breathing Excercise) and MEDITATION of different types through email.

Conversations with Shri S.S. Yogi

Sat 03/01/2009

Everyone in the World is in search of "GOD" the Almighty but no one is able to see him except few. He is very near to you and within you. No external power can give us the vision of God. Because He is the nearest of all friends, nearest of anything that we can perceive. "He is greater than the greatest, smaller than the smallest, and He dwells in the core of every heart." As long as we try to see Him outside of us, we never find Him, all our struggles are in vain. But when by experience we find it impossible to see Him outside of us, then we turn our thoughts within and become meditative when, we can see Him transcendentally.

Sun 18/01/2009

Dear Anna, Your letter of 17th instant is for reply. I found the various details of your Organisation from the leaflet you sent which shows that one can attain spiritual achievement through different paths which is absolutely correct. This achievement is known a" REALIZATION". I quite agree that your land England is a spiritual country by all means. REALIZATION is the watchword of all religions. If there is a God, we must see Him; if there is a Supreme Self, we must realize It. Otherwise these theories about the existence of God and the Soul have very little value. If we cannot put them to a practical basis and realize the truth of them, they remain for us but mere words. This realization is the only thing that can bring satisfaction to us. No amount of theory can ever satisfy our minds. Unless we can see the reality of things for ourselves, we can never find satisfaction. The various methods of joining words, the various methods of speaking in beautiful language, the methods of expounding the Scriptures cleverly are only for the enjoyment of the learned, but they never lead to spiritual realization, nor can they ever bring freedom. What use is there in studying the Scriptures if we thereby gain no spiritual wisdom? Studying means to get the directions which lead to the ultimate goal; and when we forget that, we do not gain any profit whatsoever, though we may spent our whole life in reading all the Scriptures of the world. It is like a donkey carries loads of sandalwood on his back without enjoying the sweet perfume, so it is with those who study innumerable Scriptures without knowing the essence - the truth of them. Real strength comes through realization; when a man has seen God he can declare with conviction that there is a God. When we have seen a thing, no matter how much people may deny the existence of that thing, we can still stand up boldly and declare, " I know it exists." I can write to you more in this subject if you permit. Since yours is a spiritual organisation, I took this freedom to write and request you to bear with me if I am wrong and out of way. With blessings to you all, S.S.YOGI

Sun 25/01/2009

My dear spiritual friend Anna, I really appreciate your curiosity as for the Enlightenment or God Vision is concerned and your question as to how it can be fulfilled is quite reasonable and sensible. So it is my earnest duty to describe the subject matter.
SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: We must always bear in mind the purpose of all spiritual practice - that is, to open a channel within us by which we may feel the presence of God and see what is now invisible to us [...]

OUR BODY: Actually our body is a medium given by the God, the Almighty to represent him on this Planet, the Earth. If I could say in a simple language, our body is the pocket edition of this great Universe (Brahma) [...]