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Meditation Man Grounded flipped

This one requires intense introspection

Delving deep, into realm of reflection

Traversing our very own cardinal quest

Ultimate aim, sees your soul progressed


With every new life, is new iteration

This is what’s meant, by reincarnation

Failure delivers eternal fire

Means go round again, for what you require


Wonders if one, is perhaps making progress

Immanent or transeunt paths to success

One must first know, their desires to seek

Where many confess, to being so weak


Comparing ourselves, to others around

More illuminating mirror, cannot be found

Deep rooted issues, potently projected

Hidden from self, deftly disconnected


Creating our fronts, from external factors

Deceiving the self will lead to disasters

Response to critique, rogue ego reinforced

In lieu of growth, justification is sourced

Considering often, exogenous thoughts

Brushing aside our internal reports

Distinguish between, conceptions and feeling

Exclusively one, has any real meaning


Caring for others’ impressions of you

Transparent skin, to see all the way through

Respecting these people, more than yourself

Damaging notions for soulful health


Never believe your struggles are lame

Deepest within we are all the same

Varying stages along the same road

It’s during communion we share the load


The material world’s not wholly nefarious

It’s time for great change in the Age of Aquarius

While in truth many fall to malign machinations

More now than ever lose their past limitations


Darkness doth loom, so we shine all the brighter

The higher we rise, our burdens grow lighter

Enlightenment comes when we reach graduation

With finalisation of manifestation

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