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Strolling along the Scottish coast
Beautiful as they rightly boast
Crashing of waves on rocky shores
Remnants of forts from historical wars

Turning down a cemented road
Toward the plant from which it flowed
Belching smoke from towering flue
Turning the sky to grey from blue

Birdsong displaced by a vehicle beep
Long line of cars and a man in his jeep
Chatting away on mobile phone
Peering down from up high on his throne

Must have great signal, thanks to 5G tower

Bathing us all in its wonderful power

Lucky for us we have less sunny days

The smoke kindly stopping those cancerous rays


Ah, a beautiful tree, full of life-giving green
The last of its kind on this road to be seen
Interacting with man in the way he knows best
With chainsaw in hand, he makes short work of the rest

Goggles on face and earmuffs in place
Helmet on head protects a superior race
Combined with Hi-Viz coat, and jeans which don’t chafe
We can but only conclude; this man is healthy and safe 

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