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The Mighty



Behold the Urchin, naughty ninja in the night
Known in the past, for their guile and their spite
Companion on adventures, as a tasty aperitif
Always protect your udders, from this cheeky milk thief

Symbol of the womb, and predictor of monsoon
Of rebirth and renewal, this creature of the moon
Panacea pigmy, and a rather famous muse
So very highly prized, from Rome to Syracuse

Time for re-invention, as the modern-day Hedgehog
A packed lunch no longer, this cute spiny dog
Porcupine they’re not, nor a cousin of the rat
Now a treasured pet, so much better than a cat

Excellent at swimming, immune to serpent bites
Vehicles and badgers, truly fearless in fights
A genuine lone wolf, so rarely in Array
Protector of our crops, by munching on their prey

While so cute and cuddly, they’re fearsome when provoked
Not so much aggressive, but painful when they’re poked
It’s an interesting choice, and I can see your rationale
In deciding on the hedgepig, as your spirit animal

For Mum

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