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Books & Publications about Addiction

Addiction and Grace: Love and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions: Gerald G May

Published: 2007: HarperOne

Addiction and Grace offers an inspiring and hope-filled vision for those who desire to explore the mystery of who and what they really are. May examines the "processes of attachment" that lead to addiction and describes the relationship between addiction and spiritual awareness. He also details the various addictions from which we can suffer, not only to substances like alcohol and drugs, but to work, sex, performance, responsibility, and intimacy.

Beyond Anorexia: Narrative, Spirituality and Recovery: Catherine Garrett

Published: 1998: Cambridge University Press

Beginning with her own autobiography, sociology lecturer Catherine Garrett considers the development of anorexia focusing particularly on the recovery period. She also draws upon the experiences of other sufferers, who in the main have conquered some form of eating disorder. For Australian Garrett, her disease was linked to spirituality and her upbringing as the daughter of a religious minister. Many of the other stories also show a strong religious or spiritual influence.

Breaking the Chains of Addiction: Victor Mihailoff

Published: 2005: Regina Orthodox Press

How to Use Ancient Eastern Orthodox Spirituality to Free Our Minds and Bodies from All Addictions.

Mindful Recovery: A Spiritual Path to Healing from Addiction - Thomas Bien Ph.D.(Author), Beverly Bien

Published: 2002: John Wiley & Sons

This book provides practical exercises that will help us to develop conscious awareness and inner understanding, and the ways and means to free us from unsatisfying habits, addictions, and unconscious behaviour patterns. I recommend it highly." Lama Surya Das, author of the bestselling Awakening the Buddha Within.

Research on Alcoholics Anonymous and Spirituality in Addiction Recovery: Marc Galanter and Lee Anne Kaskutas

Published: 2008 :Springer

Evidence-based medicine is recognizing a spiritual component in healing, especially when it comes to addiction. The newest edition of Recent Developments in Alcoholism reflects this change by focusing on the 12-step model of recovery as well as mindfulness, meditation and other spiritually oriented activity. More than thirty contributors bring together historical background, research findings and clinical wisdom to analyze the compatibility of professional treatment and nonprofessional support, day-to-day concepts of relapse prevention, the value of community building in recovery, and much more.

Spiritual and Religiousness and Alcohol/Other Drug Problems: Treatment and Recovery Perspectives: Brent Benda and Thomas F. McGovern

Published: 2006:Haworth Press Inc

Spiritual issues and forgiveness are oft-neglected topics in treatment programmes for substance abusers. This unique book brings those underrated components of recovery to the forefront through current research, case studies, and the insight of experts in the field of spirituality as well as drug/alcohol treatment. It illustrates the important interrelationship among religiousness, spirituality, forgiveness, alcohol and drug use and abuse throughout the lifespan.

The Soul of Recovery: Uncovering the Spiritual Dimension in the Treatment of Addictions: Christopher Ringwald

Published: 2002:OUP USA

This book shows that spiritual development is the central factor in the recovery of a significant percentage of substance abusers, and that spirituality is the lynchpin of many if not most recovery programmes in this country. Journalist Christopher Ringwald visited many treatment centres and interviewed hundreds of recovering alcoholics and addicts, counsellors, and family members, many of whose voices are heard in this book. Ringwald's purpose was to find out just how spirituality figures in the individual's recovery and how it is deployed by the treatment programmes. He explores the differences among a wide range of programmes: 12-step, Christian, Muslim, Native American, and those based in Eastern religions. Vividly written and thoroughly researched, this book is the first to focus on this intriguing phenomenon-an all but hidden, yet thriving new spiritual movement in our midst.