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All creativity is spiritual and it can be said that everyone
is creative, they just may not realise it!

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Wheat Field with Cypresses
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Art & Creativity

Artists are merely those people who develop their creativity and allow it to flourish.
It could be argued that all artists are spiritual, but here are some who think of
themselves as spiritual artists.

...and before we start, here is a wonderful quote about the value of paintings...
''And if you roll the universe into a ball and pull it all to pieces like a sun that is made from string and if your hands get sore and if the clouds are laughing and you blink and if your heart cracks open and is raw and if you start to think that you can’t live and the world gets dark like a wintry eye closing... just look at a painting.''  

- Deborah Lubelska Katz - Artist, Writer, and Visionary

Spiritual Fine Art & Artists

Spiritual artists who have mastered the art of visually depicting their experiences, conveying spiritual messages & illustrating visions

Spiritual Writers & Poets

Websites, organisations, and notable spiritual writers. Don't forget to check out the Spiritual England contributing authors!

Spiritual Books on Creativity

An ever-growing list of book recommendations regarding creativity. From inspiring you to start a creative endeavour, to helping you to grow yours even further.