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Life for teenagers is tougher than ever.

Spiritual England has published 'Teen Spirit', an invaluable book for teenagers, by Lindsay Ullmann. This book addresses many areas of concern for young people, in a very supportive way. It is full of people's life stories and helpful advice and information.

To find out more about it - listen to Johnnie Walker's interview with Lindsay and watch the video below!


Teen Spirit (paperback) is available from - just email and we can sort out the payment. £7.99. You can download an A4 version of Teen Spirit, for free, in three sections. This can be used in secondary schools as the basis of PSHE lessons.

Part One - 'Lindsay's wisdom', 'Who Am I?', 'Finding Myself', 'Bullying' and 'Relax!'Part Two - 'What do people think of me?', 'Gaining confidence', 'Feelings', 'Heartbreak' and 'Tuning in to nature'Part Three - 'Different types of people', 'Don't be fooled by the media', 'Being spiritual', 'Releasing your creativity', 'Finding your passion'

A must-read for all teenagers! This is an accessible, well-illustrated, easy to read book, packed with fascinating information. 164 pages of pure gold! It is uplifting, comforting and full of wisdom. All teenagers deserve to get a copy of this book! Chapters topics include: finding yourself, relaxing, gaining confidence, feelings, heartbreak, tuning in to nature and finding your passion. The author, Lindsay, tells us about her own difficult teenage years and how she got through them and achieved her dream of being a singer-songwriter. What is more, she has included the voices of many teenagers and adults, who generously share their thoughts and what they have learnt about themselves and their lives. 'My aim is to help teenagers feel confident to just be themselves and express themselves as they feel the need to.'


‘I think the content is superb for all levels of R.E. and also for P.S.H.E. where there is a dearth of good resources.’ Dr Christopher Grocock, Bedales Secondary School.

‘Lindsay Ullmann has gathered together a diverse collection of personal stories and reflections on questions about identity, belonging and the spiritual journey. These are honest and sincere reflections on some of the struggles, challenges and joys of being human.’ Christine Easom, Teacher of Religious Education

‘A welcome and valuable resource on spirituality for young people which will help them discover more about who they are and the world they live in. With lots of different ideas, this book has something for everyone!’ Nigel Pimlott, author of ‘Glimpses’ and ‘Glimpses for Young People’.

‘The big questions in life are things like: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I believe and how I can I talk about it?’ and ‘What is really important?’. This book’s message is that how you feel and what you think about these big questions, really matters. In a world that seems to mainly value the material things, this book gives the message that the spirit in each of us is part of who we are and that’s what matters the most.' Chris Nickolay, Children’s Work Officer, Religious Society of Friends in Britain (Quakers)

A Quiet Revolution - Encouraging and sharing postive values with children. By Frances Farrer with contributions from Neil Hawkes

Published in 2005 by fn books

The original (longer) version was published by Random House. This book describes the genesis of Values Education in West Kidlington Primary School, Oxfordshire. This is a rapidly spreading, popular 'revolution' - and it's now international.


'Glimpses' youth work and spirituality - Resources and ideas to aid exploration and reflection by Steve Bullock and Nigel Pimlott

Published: February 2008 by The National Youth Agency

This pack uses visualisation techniques and aims to get youths to look into the basics of day to day activities, covering a variety of aspects such as reflections, atmospheres, essences, stations and breaths. It encourages philosophical debate and helps young people to consider the importance of other peoples’ actions as well as their own. The resources will enable you to explore a variety of different subjects using tried and tested approaches.


International Journal of Children’s Spirituality - Editors, Clive Erricker, Jane Erricker, Cathty Ota.

Published: November 2008 by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

The journals encourage debate across cultures, childhood and adulthood, nationhood, ethnicity and religious identity. Articles aim to stimulate further awareness and debate in the field, and to encourage the development of research and the academic study of spirituality in children and young people.


‘Don’t just do something, sit there’ - Developing children’s spiritual awareness by Mary K Stone

Published: December 1995 by RMEP

This handbook enables children to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. It encourages spiritual development. Mary Stone explains in detail about how teachers can help a class not used to ’just sitting there’ to learn the skills of being physically and mentally still, yet alert and able to concentrate through creative visualisation techniques.

The Living Classroom - Teaching and Collective Consciousness by Christopher M. Bache

Published: August 2008 by State University of New York Press. Christopher M

Bache explores the dynamics of collective consciousness in the classroom. He examines the subtle influences that radiate invisibly around teachers as they work - unintended, cognitive resonances that spring up between teachers and students in the classroom. Described as a joy to read with a new vision for educators.

The Search for Spirituality: Our Global Quest for Meaning and Fulfilment, by Ursula King

Published: 30 March 2009 by Canterbury Press

This publication discusses the rich and diverse spiritual landscapes of our world and asks whether we are experiencing a spiritual renaissance, revival, or revolution. It explores the search for the spiritual life in religious traditions and examines what spirituality means in different faith and cultures. Click here to listen to an interview with Ursula King.


Meditation in Schools, Calmer classrooms - Edited by Clive Erricker and Jane Erricker (Main Contributor: Gina Levete)

Published: March 2001 by Continuum International Publishing Group

This introduction to meditation in education is written as a resource and practical guide for class teachers. Parents will also find it valuable, though its main focus is on using meditation in schools. The purpose of this publication is to inspire and to provide concise, practical and general information and techniques that can be explored before introducing primary or secondary students to meditative experience.

The Spiritual Dimension of Childhood - Authors: Dr Kate Adams, Brendan Hyde, Richard Woolley

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publisher, 2008

This is an excellent guide for adults who wish to understand what goes on inside the mind of a child in terms of spirituality and also what questions to expect from them. Every chapter offers practical suggestions for those working with children to help them recognise and nurture their individual spiritual thoughts. The authors outline exactly what is understood by contemporary spirituality, and explore some key issues such as children’s voices and how they are often lost in the context of spirituality and what the implications of that loss are; children’s worlds, such as how children draw on the spiritual as a means of addressing notions of meaning and value in life. Other chapters include hearing the child’s voice and sharing the spiritual, identity and the search for one’s voice such as allowing children freedom to grow and the variety of spiritual experience such as the afterlife. This book will certainly enrich the working practices of educator and enlighten other professionals who work with children. This will also be of interest to parents or anyone who is interested in children’s spiritual growth.

Spirituality To Go - Ritual and Reflections for Everyday Living by Olive M. Flemming Drane

Published: April 2006 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd

Olive Drane considers our day to day rituals and offers inspiring thoughts, ideas, prayers and stories. A wonderful book that you can carry with you anywhere for reassurance and guidance whether read from start to finish or simply just a tool to use for daily ritual in itself. Whichever, this book guarantees enlightenment and comprises a wealth of grounded wisdom.

The Joyful Child by Peggy Jenkins, Ph.D

Published: April 1996 by Aslan Publishing

An uplifting and motivating book that encourages families and classrooms to take an alternative look into the general wellbeing of children. This book is full of joy, art, music, philosophy and movement, which are all positive aspects to self-programming and attaining a positive attitude in life.

A Good Childhood, Searching for Values in a Competitive Age by Richard Layard, Author of ‘Happiness’,andJudy Dunn

Published: February 2009 by Penguin Books

A clear-headed and compassionate book that argues whether childhood really is as it should be, or whether it has been spoilt by broken homes, junk food and alcohol. It takes a look at society as a whole and questions the lifestyles of children and parents.

The Lonely Tree by Nicholas Halliday

Published: June 2006 by Halliday books

This book has been described by Stephen Fry as ‘utterly, completely and splendidly charming. Originally illustrated and delightfully told’. A beautiful, positive and imaginative story that takes you on a journey through the nature of life and its changing seasons thus dealing sensitively with the subject of death.