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Parenting from the Heart

White Eagle Lodge in Liss, Hampshire The White Eagle Lodge UK - Community pages has a programme of activity called: ‘Parenting from the Heart’. Workshop for families are held in the beautiful grounds of the Lodge. Our aim is to provide a peaceful space for families to relax together, create sound and music, play, talk and eat, all in an atmosphere of friendship, fun and creativity and for us all to value each others’ uniqueness.

' When you know who you are, you can allow your children to be who they are. ' Moray Thomas   
' My daughter Abbi has 1p36 deletion syndrome. She has a brain abnormality and seizure and global learning delay and it’s now classed as a life-limiting condition. Abbi has been my spiritual journey. Being her mother has taught me patience and I would never change one thing about her. Special children, need special parents! ' Felicia Spiller   
' One of the great things about becoming a parent is that you finally have an epiphany and realisation that there is something more to the world than the day-to-day grind of work, rest and play, and that you have a purpose in life. ' Simon    Father of 3 children
' It is possible to reach the Divine through the simple, deep love of one's children.

You will get back from your children what you deeply give them. You know what that is, so don't be surprised at what is deeply returned to you.

The sign of a good parent is the ability to forgive oneself because we are all bumbling human beings. The more we truly forgive our mistakes, the more we can allow our children to be human too. Whatever we can forgive in ourselves, it is likely that our children will be able to forgive this in themselves too.

The doors of heaven open when a child is born and that is why there's often such joy in the delivery room. Keep reminding yourself of that feeling when your child was born and seemed a gift of God. Be faithful to that feeling of love for your child.

Let your children tell you the truth of how they feel, even if it is upsetting. They often put to words how you deeply feel anyway.

Sometimes it is easier to love one's children than oneself. Let your children bring out the best of you and then give that best back to yourself.

The more you love and respect yourself, the more you will instinctively love and respect your children. If you are harsh with yourself, you will be harsh with your children – either overtly or covertly.

The more you can remember your love for them, even when you're angry with them, the more fulfilled you will be both as a parent and a human being.

The feeling of success comes most powerfully from the sense that it is safe to be fully oneself. Someone putting on an act could be Prime Minister, but still deeply feel a failure. The most valuable achievements come from people whose work is an outpouring of themselves and their love, whose work just couldn't be done by anyone else. These people leave their mark. If we raised a generation of children to live this way, this world would be transformed forever.

Whatever emotional garbage you deal with, won't be passed on. The most loving thing a parent can do is to confront his or her own demons, rather than projecting them out and passing them on to the next generation. Knowing this, gives one the strength to do one's emotional homework.

Allow life's hardships to bring out the best in you.

Children are Divine Beings. So are you. But they are fresher from heaven and deserve respect for that.

If you let yourself learn from your children, your old age will be happier and probably healthier.

You were once a child not so long ago. ' Janet Hobbs    From The Zen of Parenting
' It’s very easy to have a child but it’s hard to be a mum or a dad. I think from time to time, that everything in the world I have is only lent to me for a while. Nothing is forever. Only love. If your child is for you and your partner, then you have the fruit of love and life and it is no mistake that you can say that you are a parent. ' Jana    A spiritual parent, from Slovakia