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Spiritual Parenting Organisations

Spiritual Parenting Group in Essex

The aim is it to raise awareness for the spiritual needs of children and parents, for emotional and spiritual well-being. in Childhood and Adolescence (in Minneapolis, US) - conducted a world-wide survey of parents to find out their views about their children’s spiritual development. This produced the conclusion that although parent participants of the focus groups came from different countries, practiced different religions or no religion at all, and held different view points they were all united on the importance of their children developing spiritually. Spiritual development was deemed important because parents felt that being spiritual helps their children thrive in other aspects of their lives. Spirituality was defined as being a protective force from some of the harsh realties that exist in today’s society. But at the same time parents realized that these realities make it difficult for children to develop spiritually. Parents believed overwhelmingly it was their role to help educate and provide guidance to their children, so that they have the opportunity to flourish spiritually. Young People in Focus (formerly the Trust for the Study of Adolescence) - a national organisation that helps individuals and organisations working with young people and families to provide better services by carrying out research and evaluating services and also by running projects that develop professional practice . They focus their work on some of the most disadvantaged and marginalized young people and families in the UK. They have very good publications and resources that can help parents too.

Includes young father’s support forum:

Parent line Plus (‘Because instructions aren’t included’!)

Is the leading national charity providing help and support to anyone caring for children – parents, grandparents, step-parents, relatives – for families living together as well as apart.

Tel: 0808 800 2222

Family and Home Network (Virginia USA

Is a grassroots national nonprofit organization, which helps families spend generous amounts of time together. They focus on children's needs for warm, nurturing relationships with their parents.


RedCliff Ascent Wilderness Treatment Programme for parents and young people (Utah, US)

Is a wilderness therapy programme for troubled teenagers. RedCliff is located in the beautiful red rock and high desert terrain of Southern Utah and covers an area of 650 square miles. RedCliff has helped thousands of struggling teenagers who have been admitted into their program. They have also had hundreds of parents request resources or programs that would help them prepare for the re-integration of the family and establish a foundation to promote continued understanding and progress. Parents participation and involvement plays a critical role of the treatment process.