Helping people to lead more meaningful & peaceful lives


Across the UK and Europe, there are communities where people live together sharing the recognition that spirituality is important. Some of them experiment with eco-friendly ways to live and some of them engage is specific spiritual practices. Here’s a list of of the most well-known, which all offer experience weeks and retreats to that you can visit to see how they live:

Ängsbacka, Sweden

Bowden House Community, Devon, UK

Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK

Cloughjordan, Ireland

Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, UK

Free and Real, Greece

The Living Well Centre, Cornwall, UK

Osho Leela, Dorset, UK

The Pilsdon Community, Dorset UK

Svanholm, Denmark

Suderbyn, Sweden

Tamera, southern Portugal

Tinker’s Bubble, Somerset, UK

ZEGG, outside Berlin, Germany