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Best UK Spiritual Communities


The Bowden House Community is a group of families and individuals developing conscious, authentic and eco-mindful living.

We enjoy a culture of singing, meditating, working, gardening, celebrating and learning together, as well as hosting events for the wider community.


Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK

Braziers Park is a beautiful Grade II* country house and estate on the edge of Ipsden – a small village near Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England – housing a secular intentional community and the School of Integrative Social Research. This unique community runs the venue as an education and events centre and offers its own courses and events.

Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, UK

For 50 years, thousands of people have shared transformative learning experiences with us. At our core, we serve as a spiritual community and model for sustainable living. We offer retreats, workshops and gatherings that create time to pause and reflect on life, while deepening our connection to meaning and nature.

Osho Leela, Dorset, UK

Our mission is to create a safer space for you to flourish and live your full potential as a human being. With meditation, self-observation and emotional support at the heart of what we offer, trust develops, healing happens and you leave with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life.


Since 1958, the Pilsdon Community has been offering a refuge to people in crisis, welcoming those from all backgrounds and from many different walks of life – whether young or old, rich or poor. Pilsdon is a community that shares a common life of prayer, hospitality and work, providing an environment of acceptance and friendship where people can begin to rebuild their lives.

Tinker’s Bubble, Somerset, UK

Tinkers Bubble is a small off-grid woodland community in Somerset. We use environmentally sound methods of working the land without using fossil fuels. We have planning permission for self-built houses on the condition that we make a living from the land. We make our monetary incomes mainly through forestry, apple work and gardening. As a result we’re money poor but otherwise rich!




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