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Books & Publications

Cygnus Review - full articles and reviews of the latest Mind Body Spirit books.

Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine - produced by London's oldest esoteric bookshop in the Leicester Square area.

Tree of Life Magazine - a Birmingham based magazine for holistic wellbeing & living Print run: 7,000 copies – Readership: 14,000 (estimated).

EnlightenNext magazine - the magazine for evolutionaries.

Resurgence & Ecologist magazine - a magazine for people who care about the environment, love reading, enjoy new ideas and are looking for inspiration on sustainable living.

Lightworker- the positive media group that brings together contributors from six continents to share their knowledge and experience in a free monthly online magazine, internet channel and feature-packed radio station.

‘The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads: Reveal the Answer to Every Question About Work, Home, Fortune, and Love’ by Liz Dean (Fair Winds Press, £14.99) A new title from best selling Tarot author. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads helps you answer your life questions instantly, whileshowing you how to ready your cards and create your own layouts.

'Spiritual Psychology - A Kaleidescope Of Human Emotions and Spiritual Steps' - an Amazon Kindle book by Janet Hobbs. In this book, Janet has included 154 entries or so and each one reflects an emotional state or a spot on the spiritual path. It could really be invaluable for people at this time. It all comes from Janet's direct experience of living the spiritual life and facing the fear and weird times that can occur.

The Angel App

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The Angel App is an application for mobile phones and tablets.This application includes over 300 described situations. Contact Paul Wezenbeek