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Spiritual & Environmental Campaigns

The Campaign for the Legal Rights of Nature

There is a team involved with establishing the Legal Rights of Nature. They are working to present a citizen's petition to the European Parliament and to bring about a ‘Being Nature’ educational program with a broad remit, both in formal curricula as well as to a wider general public.

Watch Mumta Ito talking at the Global Rights Of Nature Summit proposing a European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature. Really visionary, ground-breaking and extraordinary:

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
International Centre for Wholistic Law

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is a simple idea, which challenges consumer culture by asking us to switch off from shopping for a day. It’s a global stand off from consumerism - celebrated as a holiday by some and street party for others! Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!


Kids for Saving Earth

Aims to educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment and provides educational materials, posters, and a highly acclaimed web site featuring environmental education curriculum and activities. Programs have been adapted to the Internet to make it faster and less costly to provide Earth-savers with updated information.


Walk to School campaign

Organises two nationally recognised events: National Walk to School Week in May and International Walk to School Month in October. The aim is to see people walking to school as an everyday activity, they also run the WoW (Walk Once a Week) scheme which rewards pupils with a collectible enamel badge if they walk to school regularly.


Forum for the future

Founded in 1996, it is aimed to help businesses and public service providers to understand and manage the risks that change will bring, tackling global challenges, to implement their own commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Here is the opportunity to share what we learn and to help others work towards a more sustainable society.