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 Incredible International Environmental / Eco Festivals


Guided by the values expressed by the 10 Principles, Burning Man is a global ecosystem of artists, makers, and community organizers who co-create art, events, and local initiatives around the world. Most recognizably, tens of thousands of Burners gather annually to build Black Rock City, a participative temporary metropolis in the Nevada desert.


WE LOVE GREEN is an experimental laboratory for sustainable development solutions in the live
entertainment and events industries. Its pop-up village
proves that sustainable development is compatible with our current lifestyles. Our pioneering eco-
friendly production techniques are an essential element of the festival.


Pohoda's focus remains fixed on sustainability as much as it is entertainment, winning numerous awards year-on-year for it's eco-friendly ideology. As well as greener living the family-friendly atmosphere is encouraged, proving there is genuinely something for everyone including film screenings, theatre performances, workshops, debates, poetry, and dance competitions alongside that biggest names in contemporary music.


NorthSide is Denmark’s most sustainable festival and is dedicated to constantly raising the bar with new, sustainable initiatives. Among the many initiatives, it can be mentioned that all food is plant-based and 100% organic, and that there is no bottled water. In addition, in 2022 NorthSide was the first major festival in the world to run on 100% green electricity.


Since 2002, it has been our goal at Øyafestivalen to be one of the world’s greenest events. For us, this means finding sustainable solutions for waste, food, transportation, energy and the things we buy – from toilet paper to power grids. We want our festival to contribute to a sustainable future – and work towards a festival that is renewable, plantbased and circular.

Don't see your favourite green festival? Please let us know and we'll get that remedied right away!
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