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'Evolving the Spirit From Democracy to Peace. Ten steps to change the world’ by Anthony Russell.Published by DreamStar Books, January 2012.

The Art of Forgiveness: Part 1 By Charles Ryderclose

'Volunteering at a holiday home for people with severe disabilities, I met a retired police officer who had been attacked on duty which had left her paralysed. She told me that “she had joined the police to help people” and I asked her if she hated the person who had injured her. She replied, “No, because there is too much hate in the world”'….read more by following the link above

Art of Forgiveness: Part 2 by Charles Ryderclose


'After the bombing my recovery was slow and painful. Physical healing took place as a matter of course, but the damage done to my heart and soul by such violence I still carry today. For years it felt like the trauma had ripped my soul out of my body; there was an incredible feeling of detachment, fracture and fragmentation of my entire integrity…..between body, soul, mind and spirit. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is such a debilitating condition – capable of disabling our bodies and thinking alike. The soul needs to be loved back into being, and given the opportunity and space to return in its own time when the conditions are right'….read more by following the link above…

10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace: Dr. Wayne Dyer

Published: 1 Jan 2004:Hay House

Dr. Wayne Dyer presents the ten "secrets" for success and inner peace whether you're just embarking on your path, nearing the end of it, or are on the path in any way. Dyer shares his view that we're living in an age of spiritual deficiency. We have more than enough information in our society-it's spirituality that's lacking.

Brush Strokes: A Personal Journey to Peace of Mind: Karina Berrner

Published: 1 Feb 2000: Robert D. Reed

A powerful, true story and inspirational guide. Within the context of an extremely aggressive disease, the author blossomed. This book is her effort to share her lessons with readers, whether they are well or ill.

Buddhist Peacework: Creating Cultures of Peace: David W. Chappell

Published: 1 May 2000,Wisdom Publications,U.S.

Buddhist Peacework. This book focuses on the generation of Buddhist leaders playing a role in peace-building.

Change We Need to Attain Stress Free Living: with Peace of Mind, Love in Our Hearts, Happiness in Relationships, Balance of Science and Spirituality: Cheng and Gunasegaran

Published:21 Jan 2009:AuthorHouse

The aim of this book is to reveal God, using science, logic and 'common sense' knowledge to enable readers to Attain Beneficial Change with Determination, Efforts and Faith for Global Harmony, by Imbibing Jewels of Knowledge to Love Mankind and Nature, in the Objective and Positive Quest for Relationships based on Spirituality, Truth, Unity and Values.

Did Man Create God?: Is Your Spiritual Brain at Peace with Your Thinking Brain?: David Comings

Published: 5 May 2008: Hope Press

Dr. David Comings, an internationally renowned physician, human geneticist and neuroscientist, proposes that spirituality is genetically hardwired into a specific part of the brain, is pleasurable, is critical to the evolution and survival of man, and will never go away. This book strives to allow readers to develop a rational spirituality in which the fact-based rational brain and the faith-based spiritual brain can live in peace. This book is for those who have also questioned any part of their faith but treasure their spirituality and want answers that are not hostile to spirituality or religion.

Embracing Uncertainty: Achieving Peace of Mind as We Face the Unknown: Susan Jeffers

Published: 2 May 2002:Hodder Mobius

In this book Susan Jeffers explains, life doesn't have to be one worry after the next, a steady stream of 'what if's', and a constant attempt to create a secure haven for ourselves. In "Embracing Uncertainty", she emphasises that an unknown future doesn't prevent a rich and abundant life, and shows how by enjoying life's unpredictability we transform ourselves from a position of fear to one filled with excitement and potential. Through invaluable case-studies, exercises and her pragmatic wisdom, Susan convinces us, above all, that life is exhilarating because of, not in spite of the uncertainty.

Intuitive Wellness: Using Your Body's Inner Wisdom to Heal: Laura Alden Kamm

Published: 2 July 2007: Simon & Schuster Ltd

Here Laura Alden Camm offers practical exercises that help readers learn about their own unique energy systems and develop confidence in their intuition, and resolve their emotional and physical pain. The book is filled with inspiring stories and written with the down-to-earth warmth of a trusted friend. Kamm's profound insight teaches us how we can heal ourselves of ailments both physical and emotional through working with our innate 'forgotten' power.

Mastering the Art of Inner Peace: Bob Gottfried

Published: April 2004: Hushion House Publishing Ltd.

A fantastic book with short passages, paths, techniques, insights and meditations on how to gain inner peace.

Meditation Week by Week: 52 Exercises to Help You Grow in Peace and Awareness - David Fontana.

Published: 13 May 2004:Duncan Baird Publishers .

A complete meditation programme which conveys a thorough understanding of the nature of meditation, and its psychological, physical and spiritual benefits. Covers all the practical aspects of meditation.

Moments of Peace for the Morning: Bethany House

Published: 1 Jan 2006:Bethany House Publishers

A collection of inspirational thoughts and prayers to start the day. Each two-page spread presents a devotional thought/meditation and encouraging Scripture. This will appeal to readers of all ages.

Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas: David Cortright

Published: 31 May 2008:Cambridge University Press

A realistic and hopeful book that traces the history of global efforts to prevent war from ancient times to the present, and that examines the foundations of peace in principles of religion, nonviolence, democracy, social justice, and human rights.

Peace of Mind: Insights on Human Nature That Can Change Your Life: Joshua L. Liebman

Published: 12 Jan 1996: Citadel Press

This book tells how religious truths as well as insights from modern psychology are incorporated into a guide for resolving inner conflicts.

Secret Native American Pathways: A Guide to Inner Peace: Thomas E Mail

Published: 24 Oct 2003: Council Oak Books,U.S

More than 40 years ago, Thomas E. Mails began a personal exploration of the spiritual richness of traditional Native American customs and secret ceremonies. Using his gifts as a talented illustrator and writer, he tirelessly worked to bring the spiritual culture of Native Americans to readers until his death in November 2001. This new edition of Secret Native American Pathways authentically details the religious beliefs and ritual of four major tribes.

Soul Power: The Transformation When You Know: Nikki De Carteret

Published: 4 Dec 2003: O Books

In this book de Carteret invites you to explore the factors that drain your spiritual energy, and what transformational forces restore it. Written in a poetic and meditative style this book is a discovery of spirit and of spiritual growth. Examining themes such as love, enlightenment, compassion, silence, synchronicity, dark night of the soul, harmony, and bliss, it serves as a friendly road map to the spiritual process.

The Little Book of Peace of Mind: Susan Jeffers

Published: May 2005: Jeffers Press

This little book contains peaceful messages to help you relax, along with essential advice and tips to heal the spirit. The inspirational and practical guidance will help to ensure that you feel calmer, more in control, and ready to fill your life with joy and abundance.

Thinking the Difference: For a Peaceful Revolution: Luce Irigaray

Published: 1 Feb 1994:Continuum International Publishing Group

In this book the author discusses how language, religion, law, art science and technology have failed women and why. She goes beyond analysis and commentary to propose concrete changes tailored to women's specificity in all these fields - practical means of ensuring our culture is women's as well as men's. She argues the survival of humankind and the Earth itself.

Transformation Through Bodywork: Using Touch Therapies to Find Inner Peace: Dan Menkin

Published: August 1996:Bear & Company

A guide to mind-body therapy for practitioners, patients, and all those interested in alternative healing, bodywork and massage, this book is about using touch therapy to bring inner peace. It also explores therapies for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Until Today!: Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind: Iyanla Vanzant

Published: 29 Oct 2001:Simon & Schuster

A book of daily devotions offers inspiration and advice on how to achieve spiritual progress and tranquillity. Through these devotions Vanzant hopes to show readers that the easiest way to create change is to simply shift your attitude—today, as we often work so hard to get the things we want that we miss the fact that it is the landscape of the inner world that stands between us and true happiness.