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Websites promoting Peace & Spiritual Peace

A fantastic website about achieving life abundance. Matthew DeSilva Zavadil has had fascinating life experience and uses his website to inspire others who have gone through difficult times, with the main focus on inner peace. Matthew also focuses on spiritual thoughts and discoveries on achieving inner peace including his knowledge of personal growth subjects like self confidence, motivation, leadership skills and communication skills. The website contains links and articles on fear, critical thinking, visualisation and many more.


Mystic Healing and Art website and blog

Healing quotes, daily inspiration and inner peace. Here is a blog with inspirational writings, teachings and art of Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell who is dedicated to increase your spiritual awareness and to propel.


A blog on nature, plants, flowers and places to soothe your soul. the human spirit forward, bringing a remarkable grace and beauty into life.

Peaceful Earth

A fantastic website where you can find spiritual resources to create a peaceful earth. Lisa Hepner, is the creator of Peaceful Earth and its content and here you can find books, meditations, affirmations, meditations circles, courses and lots more to create a peaceful life. The products and tools Lisa has created (and continues to create) come from her own success in applying peaceful principles to her life experience. She has transformed a "stressful" relationship with her mother into a loving, supportive relationship. She has used her faith and belief to support her while pursuing her passion and she has proved the power of releasing by manifesting her husband into her life after many unsuccessful relationships.


Sri Chinmoy

A website of simplicity and purity, Chinmoy offers inspiration and peace. Chinmoy dedicated his life in the service of humanity and endeavours to inspire and serve mankind with his soulful offerings - his prayers and meditations, literary, musical and artistic works can all be found on his website. Here you can find uplifting lectures and talks by Chinmoy, along with articles on peace, spirituality and yoga, music and positive thinking. Lots of resources to choose from and kind words.

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

University of St Andrews Digital Research Repository - aims to establish and maintain a forum committed to advancing critical theoretical understandings of the development of responses to conflict and the construction of peace. In particular it aims to interrogate the relationship between conflict and the forms of 'peace' being created in conflict zones mainly in the developing world today.


Tony Wilkinson

Author of the book, The Lost Art of being Happy – Spirituality for Sceptics. Here is a wonderful and engaging website with links to his blog.


Yoga Journal

Everyday living for yoga fanatics, a website to keep you up to date. Basics, practice, wisdom and lifestyle. Information on poses, food and the essentials.