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Working to Create Peace


Welcome to our virtual Peace Museum/Building – a dedicated online space where we can all learn about peace, and what it means; for us and for our world.

With a series of online events, creative inspiration, and a learning hub – our virtual museum is open for visitors to begin exploring all aspects of peace. The Peace Building exists to inspire and equip people of all ages to act peacefully in all aspects of their lives; from the individual level (fostering inner peace) and our relationships with others – to our streets and our communities.


Uses real stories of survivors and perpetrators to explore concepts of forgiveness and alternatives to revenge. They work in prisons, schools, corporates, community groups and with anyone wishing to contemplate the nature of forgiveness, whether in a wider political context or in their own lives.


'Peace in the world will not be possible untill everyone understands what 'unconditional love' means and how to practice it. Love, like compassion, is fundamental to the teachings of the great world religions and wise people through the ages'

- Karen Armstrong, whom writes a lot about love and compassion. 


A powerful way to connect with others, to experience the true heart of many spiritual traditions and draw on them for inspiration. In many parts of the world, there are circles sharing this unique form of meditative yet celebratory body prayer. Through moving, chanting and singing together we can create a sense of peace and unity - a sense of joyful oneness.

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Spirituality &


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