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Hello Everyone :)

Updated: Sep 1

Welcome to Spiritual England and the very first SE blog post!

It is a daunting task indeed, to take over anyone’s creation, let alone from someone of Anna’s calibre. The very fact she entrusts this to me, instils in me a great confidence to develop Spiritual England to the absolute best that it can be. To continue to espouse the values at the core of SE, to further its reach across England and the world, to greaten its impact on the many lives of the individuals it touches, and to explore new and exciting areas.

This blog will include details on recent updates on the website, alongside cheeky previews of future content. I’ll also share any spiritual wisdom I stumble upon and any relevant or interesting things from my life. This could be a recommendation or review of a book, or perhaps a story from my upcoming trip to Morocco, where I’ll be travelling with my partner to explore this Islamic African country.

A little about myself, so you’ve an idea of whose words you’re reading. I’m born and bred in Sheffield, where I currently live and work. I love Sheffield for the access to the Peak District, and, when I’m not there, I’m bouldering and swing dancing with friends. I love learning about anything to do with spirituality and personal development, usually in the form of articles and books. I also enjoy writing, designing, and meeting new and wonderful people; all of which has apparently led me to become the director of Spiritual England.

For the most part, I’ll keep the blog posts short and, hopefully fairly often. The target is one per week, with additional posts should any exciting developments occur which I just can’t wait to share with you. For now, I’ll leave you with a vague RoadMap of our plans and where we’re currently at.

Looking forward to seeing you in Spiritual England,


Spiritual England Roadmap

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