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Vassula Rydén a Greek mystic has turned her conversations with God into a bestseller. Her book: ‘Heaven is Real But So Is Hell’. Is an eyewitness account of what is to come. Published by Alexian on 19th November 2015 £16.99 Hardback.

In November 1985, Vassula Rydén, the wife of a Swedish diplomat with little knowledge of the Bible, was visited by her Guardian Angel, Daniel. This experience changed Vassula’s life forever. For the last 30 years she has been conducting written dialogues with Daniel, God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary and has recorded these ‘conversations’ in authenticated, hand-written journals. Vassula’s spiritual journey has revealed profoundly important messages for humanity and so she took up her appointed mission to share these conversations with the world and began to travel the globe. Audiences have flocked in their thousands to hear her tale.

Despite many disputes with sceptical Christians, prejudiced against her unscholarly background, Vassula has many supporters from both within and outside organised religions from across the world. She has been invited to converse with the Pope and the Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as numerous other religious leaders of all faiths. Every two years, Vassula organises an ecumenical pilgrimage which brings together clergy and laity from many denominations.

This bestselling book, which sold over 50,000 copies in the USA, outlines Vassula’s personal journey toward religious enlightenment and discusses recurring questions about God and unjustifiable world disasters. Heaven is Real But So Is Hell ultimately upholds a message of hope. It is a book for those who have strayed from religion as well as those who are seeking truth in an increasingly complex world.

Vassula Rydén was born in Egypt to Greek parents but grew up in Switzerland. The True Life in God Foundation,, which is committed to spreading the messages around the world is based in Switzerland and has council members from the UK, Singapore, Philippines, USA, Ireland and Spain. She has two sons by her first marriage and currently lives in Rhodes with her second husband. Vassula is currently organises annual pilgrimages . She continues to speak to God.

The World's Religions

by Huston Smith. Published by HarperOne.

This is a really, really good book originally written in 1958 but revised several times since then. This is a classic, which has sold millions of copies. In it, Huston Smith explores the essential elements and teachings of the world's predominant faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and the native traditions of Australia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. Emphasising the inner, rather than the institutional, dimension of these religions, Smith devotes special attention to Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and the teachings of Jesus. He convincingly conveys the unique appeal and gifts of each of the traditions and reveals their hold on the human heart and imagination.

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The Persistence of Faith by Jonathan Sacks

Published by Continuum

The Chief Rabbi’s essays broadcast by the BBC as the 1990 Reith Lectures. The author argues that each faith must remain open to criticism, yet keep its separate community and contribute to the national debate about moral issues. He makes the case for a return to tradition within the context of religious tolerance.

The Heart of Religion by P.D. Mehta

Published by Element Books

What does it mean to understand and practice the religious life? In a work which combines scholarship with deep spiritual insight, Phiroz Mehta draws on more than fifty years of study and practice to interpret the meaning of spiritual evolution. He has distilled the essence of the world’s great religious traditions, from the message of the Vedas and Upanishads to the teachings of the Buddha, Jesus and Zarathushtra, to reveal the path which can lead us towards a life free from fear, greed and hatred, a life in which our actions are pure, wise and compassionate. This is the way of Transcendence which is centred in the living heart of religion.