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Religion in the Media

BBC Radio 4

'Sunday' - BBC Radio 4, FM at 07.10am, on Sunday mornings - a very interesting religious news and current affairs programme, presented by Edward Stourton.


Channel 4

4THOUGHT.TV - Channel 4 television - 19:55pm 4THOUGHT.TV – 5 minutes only. Very interesting – just one person talking about something of importance to them – usually faith related in some way.


World faiths in video

World faiths in video - watch selected videos from Peter Owen Jones's year-long travels around the globe observing and taking part in the most important rituals of 80 of the world's faiths.


BBC - Religion and Ethics


BBC Radio 4 - Religion and Ethics


Channel 4 Faith and belief

Today religion is scrutinised in a way that earlier generations would have found astonishing. This website looks at the past, present and future of belief.


Religions View the News – an interesting new website!

Frank Mann says, that after a working lifetime of watching arguments in many pubs and social areas about religion, he came to the conclusion that hardly anyone knows even the basics of the major religions. He saw over and over again that this lack of knowledge quickly turns a discussion into merely making statements based on half-understood information and a lack of knowledge. So now that Frank is retired he has created the website He chooses a news headline and gets people from the major faiths to post their views about it! What a great idea!