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These days there are countless books, CDs and DVDs on all aspects of spirituality in mainstream bookshops, and lots available to be downloaded or purchased online as well as specialist shops like Watkins in London.  Since Spiritual England came into being (10 years ago) the whole field of spirituality has grown and grown. Here are some resources to help you on your spiritual journey through can also click on the violet subpages under 'Spiritual Resources' in the menu bar on the right for more information.

Alternatives is a place of inspiration, wellbeing and community in the heart of London. A great place for inspiring talks. In their own words: ‘We seek to inspire new visions for living through holistic education and connection to the sacred dimension of life. We host Monday talks at St James’s Church, Piccadilly and weekend workshops in spirituality, creativity, well-being and self-development. Since 1982, we have welcomed the most well-known names in the Mind Body Spirit world. We are dedicated to the exploration of diverse ways of living and being. We honour all spiritual traditions and welcome people of all cultures.’

Amma community - inspired by their leader ‘Amma’. To quote from the website – ‘‘As a child, I always wanted to know the cause of misery of mankind and thought that if sorrow is a truth, then there must be a cause and a way out.’ Amma explains.’ I realise my purpose is to console - to personally wipe away tears through selfless love, compassion, and service.’ Amma has inspired innumerable humanitarian activities all over the world. Some of them are free food and clothing programs, charitable hospitals, hospices, disaster relief programs, free homes for the poor and the needy, medical camps, orphanage, schools, educational institutions, widows' pension scheme, free legal advice, preservation of nature and so on. The list is long and growing everyday. Amma says,’ Compassion to the poor and the needy is our duty to God.’ Through the example of her own life Amma has inspired people from all over the world to walk in the path of selfless-service and compassion towards all beings.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University - if you have ever wanted to learn to meditate, develop stress-busting techniques, feel calmer, get to know your real self or just feel a little more peaceful…the solution may be closer than you think. In its simplest definition, 'spirituality' means knowing how to live with meaning and purpose. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, with over 40 local teaching centres across the UK, offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to deepen their understanding of universal spiritual principles and learn a range of spiritual skills through a variety of educational programmes. Across the UK the Brahma Kumaris work with local organisations and community groups in a variety of areas, including: inter-religious dialogue; youth programmes; prison outreach; social work and men’s groups.

Buddhism - A Buddhist Glossary Buddhist Organisations (UK) -

Caduceus magazine - is a quarterly magazine that aims to contribute to: ‘Healing for People, Community and the Planet’. It has a big circulation: 40,000 in the UK and the rest of the world. It’s been going since 1987. The editorial team is based in West Sussex, England. To subscribe online:

Cancer and other serious health conditions - an organisation in the States that supports people with the cancers you can get from  Asbestos has written a very helpful guide to spiritual support which will be of help to anyone  suffering from, or caring for someone, with a challenging health condition/illness like cancer.

Chinmoy Centres are in over 50 countries around the world, the Sri Chinmoy Centre serves the community by giving free meditation classes, concerts, athletic and cultural events with the aim of uplifting the human spirit. The Centre draws its inspiration from Sri Chinmoy whose life was an expression of the unbounded potential we all have within ourselves. Meditation is a core part of our lives, and the Centre organises free meditation classes in over 50 countries around the world. Sri Chinmoy's students come from all walks of life, and aim to combine a deep and rich inner life of meditation, with a dynamic outer life where they can serve the world. Besides being a home for its members to meet for meditation and spiritual activity, the Sri Chinmoy Centre also serves the wider world in many ways.

Conscious TV - a wonderful resource about spirituality and much more, at your fingertips!!!Lots of fascinating, one-hour'ish long, GENTLE interviews with fascinating people! People like the wonderful Philip Roderick - Anglican priest, percussionist, educator and author. Philip started the 'Quiet Gardens Movement' and 'Contemplative Fire.' Here he talks about his life and the pointers that appeared to direct him along the way. He says: 'Silence and solitude are precursors to service.' Conscious TV is a UK based TV channel broadcasting on the Internet at aims to stimulate debate, question, enquire, inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality. They welcome any feedback and are very interested in suggested topics and guests for future programmes. Email:

DailyGood is a portal that shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on the "good" we can find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness. Since 1999, it has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day. is the largest, most comprehensive health network of people sharing their advice, treatment experiences, and support.

Eckhart Society - the Eckhart Society is dedicated to the study and promotion of the principles and teachings of Meister Eckhart, a medieval theologian, philosopher and mystic. The Society is committed to the highest possible standards in scholarship and spirituality – which was also the goal of the Meister. It welcomes all, no matter of what faith or none, to whom Meister Eckhart is of interest. It publishes a Review and a series of newsletters. There is a three day annual Conference with speakers drawn from amongst the foremost scholars in Eckhart studies as well as those from related disciplines and other religions. The Society’s aims can be summarised as:

  • To promote both understanding and appreciation of Eckhart’s Writings
  • To facilitate Scholarly research into Eckhart’s life and works
  • To promote the study of Eckhart’s teaching as a contribution to interreligious dialogue.

Holistic Shop - was launched by Brett Almond, in the year 2000. He was following a dream – he left full time employment as the manager of a complementary medicine practice in Norwich to start a website dedicated to spiritual growth and a holistic way of life. Now there is a team of people looking after the site and fulfilling orders asap.

Jewish Spiritual Direction / Yedidya Center - Spiritual direction is a relationship in which one dedicates a regular period of time to the exploration of the divine presence in one’s life. Spiritual companions (or “directors”) support individuals as they seek to deepen their relationship with the holy. This practice is a potent tool for helping individuals notice the sacred dimension that underlies all life, open to experiences of oneness, and recognise the ways in which they may be guided or accompanied along their life journey. Responding powerfully to the deep spiritual hunger felt by so many in our time, Jewish Spiritual Direction helps the seeker explore Jewish pathways to a nourishing relationship with the divine and with Jewish tradition.

Kindred Spirit magazine and website, Kindred Spirit, Mind Body Spirit Magazines, Natural Health, spiritual development.

Landmark Education - a global training and development organisation offering transformational training courses. Starting with the Landmark Forum.

Leadership Programmes - in this uncertain climate there aren’t always rules to follow, so leaders have to be able to discern the best way forward. There are often different views and leaders have to be able to find a way through the disagreements and still take people with them as solutions are found. To be able to lead in this way you need to be authentic, and people need to know that you have integrity. You need not only the practical skills, but also the competencies of emotional and spiritual intelligence, confidence, self-knowledge, and the ability to create and maintain productive relationships. To find out more about Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programmes go to

London Centre for Spirituality - a Christian Centre based in the heart of the City of London. They offer a wide range of courses, meditation and discussion groups and resources for all interested in spirituality - churchgoers or not - both in the local and in the wider community. They host several spiritual direction training programmes, and their facilities are used by professionals and organisations working in related areas including counselling.

Pathways to Peace - is part of the breakthrough Get Inspired Now series which includes the Internet phenomenon, 'The Interview With God'. Its goal is to create beautiful, inspiring presentations that make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

The Spiritual Workers Association (SWA) is a UK based Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers. 'Bringing spiritual organisations and independents together across the UK, we aim to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work.' The SWA provide a range of benefits for spiritual workers, including affordable insurance and legal cover amongst other things.

The School of Economic Science is a centre for spiritual and practical knowledge and enquiry. Its aim is to help anyone who seeks it, to lead a fuller, richer and more useful life and to evolve the spiritual aspects of their ‘being’ in accordance with natural laws. They offer innovative courses in practical, living philosophy inspired by the philosophy of Advaita or unity, and economics with justice. Philosophy and economics are directly related because, ultimately, economic life depends on the philosophy underlying economic systems and on the philosophic culture of the people living and working in an economy.

Theopeadia - this is a growing, online encyclopedia of Christianity and Biblical Theology. Theopedia uses Wiki technology, which is essentially a community driven information management system. Approved applicants of our community add and edit articles and refine their information and presentation. This results in a network of interconnected pages, constantly being refined and updated.

Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List for 2016

There are several factors that were taken into account By Watkins bookshop when compiling the list. The main three criteria are: 1) The person has to be alive as of January 1st, 2016. 2) The person has to have made a unique and spiritual contribution on a global scale. 3) The person is frequently googled, appears in Nielsen Data, has a Wikipedia page, and is actively talked about throughout the Internet By taking into account the amount of times that a person is googled or how many times their Wikipedia profile is viewed, the list gains a highly democratic and transparent parameter. Additionally, we were highly selective in creating this list and did our best to remove candidates who spread messages that were hateful or intolerant. Ultimately, this list is meant to celebrate the positive influence of today’s spiritual teachers.

What is Enlightenment? - this is a magazine which is 'Redefining Spirituality for an Evolving World'.