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Theology & Religious Studies

Winchester University

Theology and Religious studies are usually understood to be two quite different approaches to the study of religions but we see them as having a great deal in common. Through these two approaches you will study religion and religions in their contemporary as well as historical forms. By applying the particular methodologies of Theology and of Religious Studies, you will explore and gain a clear understanding of major religious traditions and of issues facing them today. The course also provides opportunity to experience different approaches to learning, and to acquire subject-related and more general skills.

Winchester University has a new Institute for Theological Partnerships and Spiritual England is one of its research and consultancy partnerships. The University of Winchester’s Institute for Theological Partnerships was set up by the Vice Chancellor in 2009 as the outward theological face of the University. It has as its main aim the promotion of theological debate in the wider community - that is to say: around politics, ethics, economics, human understanding, mind and body and the lived environment.