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Spiritual Musicians

Wired for God? - Charles Foster
Foster’s passion and clarity help us focus on the key issues concerning the nature of religious feeling in human life. He takes us on a journey through the drugs, dreams and profound experiences that lead people to believe in the existence of our souls. Recent research into the neurology of religious experience has shown that, when worshipping or praying, a certain part of the brain, apparently dormant during other activities, becomes active. What does all this mean for those of faith and those with none? This book assesses the significance of these findings.

Psychology, Nonfiction, Religion, Science, Philosophy, Spirituality
336 pages, Paperback. First published April 15, 2010

Explores the hypnotic pathways that can lead to an alternate experiential world. This world of inner peace and happiness can be created by even a momentary immersion in the unknown potentials that lie just beneath the surface of everyone s conscious awareness. It is a world removed from the cares and concerns of contemporary life, and every perception is charmed by a sense of beautiful magic. It is a world that soothes the soul, brings contentment, and heals wounded spirits.

Paperback. First published April 1, 2007

From spiritual experiences to mystical and near-death incidences, this fascinating introduction explores and evaluates the significance of such events; taking into account different interpretations from scientific, philosophical and religious viewpoints. This comprehensive new introduction looks at spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religious traditions to events in the lives of ordinary people today.

304 pages, Paperback. First published December 10, 2008

Daily devotions in relationship, family, friends, living your best life today. This read is for the soul and heart and is said to leave you breathless.

68 pages, Paperback. First published December 1, 2006

Author John Bird invites us to discover how music touches us throughout our lives, from the pulsing rhythms we experience in the womb, to the music that will escort us out of life. In between, Bird shows how music connects us with family and friends and the world of the spirit; how it can express our "authentic voice," both as individuals and as members of particular cultural traditions; how it strengthens and unites us during times of protest, and comforts us during times of loss. He shows how music and word combine to integrate mind and spirit, and how music and movement combine to integrate spirit and body. As with all titles in this series, The Spirituality of Music is beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs throughout.

160 pages, Hardcover. First published January 1, 2008

Thresholds opens a space in which spirituality can be connected to music that is not commonly considered in this light, thereby enriching the ways of approaching and discussing music. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to show that spirituality is not an attribute of music, not a simple adjective providing extra information or used to categorize certain types of music. Instead, the spiritual can happen through listening to music, in a more or less personalized relationship with it. This relationship might be characterized as susceptible instead of controlling, open instead of excluding, groping instead of rigid.

182 pages, Paperback. First published October 1, 2008




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