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The Science and Spirit of Management by André Faizi Alves

Alves presents an evolutionary explanation of the fundamentals of management. He approaches the subject through a new paradigm that merges the physical and spiritual realities of human beings and acknowledges the oneness of humanity. This paradigm facilitates a comprehensive and coherent description of the role of management in the formation and functioning of organisations as organic systems harmonized with the concept of humans as social and spiritual beings. This book is a valuable resource for aspiring, new and seasoned managers who want to perform at a level of excellence in order to contribute their share in creating fairer and happier workplaces and, consequently, more prosperous organisations and a better world for all.

'Selling Spirituality - The Silent Takeover of Religion' by Jeremy Carrette and Richard King.

This book is a strongly critical of what the authors call corporate spirituality. Page 128: '...corporate business is repackaging religion in terms of a 'spirituality' of consumerism and corporate loyalty.' The authors make a clear distinction between: 'businesses that seek to use 'ethical' values in their pratice, and 'the marketing of 'spirituality' within business as a form of product-enhancement.'

Divine Craftsmanship: Preliminaries to a Spirituality of Work: Jean Hani (Author)John Champoux and Robert Procter

Published: 2007: Sophia Perennis/TRSP Publications

Jean Hani, professor emeritus at the University of Amiens - where he taught Greek civilization and literature - has long labored to recover and illuminate various aspects of Christianity. In this book we look at what way human beings attain harmony and become mediators between Heaven and Earth. In the mysterious language of symbols we can rediscover the sense of vocation that reflects Divine Activity. For God is, in reality the sole Artisan. All the traditional crafts are imitatings after God, Who unceasingly creates and maintains the world. And in the end it is this that constitutes to sole foundation for the dignity of work.That is why this book seeks to bring us to an interior knowledge of God as Divine Artisan.

Ethics and Spirituality at Work: Hopes and Pitfalls of the Search for Meaning in Organizations: Pauchant and Thierry C. Pauchant

Published: 2002:Greenwood Press

This book sets out the ways that managers and executives are seeking to integrate ethical and spiritual values into their organisations.

Life and Livelihood: A Handbook for Spirituality at Work - Whitney Wherrett Roberson

Published: 2004: Continuum International Publishing Group - Morehou

This is the guidebook for connecting the 'at-home self' with the spiritual values of the 'at-home self' through workplace spirituality groups. It offers hands-on information about everything from forming a group to facilitating a meeting - including sample agendas. Christian themes and images predominate, but this is a book for all faith traditions.

Meaningful Workplaces: Reframing How and Where We Work: Neal E. Chalofsky

Published: 2010:Jossey Bass

Dr. Chalofsky captures the essence of what motivates people to work beyond material gain. Grounded in decades of organizational research and practice, here is a source that can be trusted.

Path for Greatness: Spirituality at Work: Linda Ferguson

Published: 2001:Trafford Publishing

This book is about seeing our work as central to our spiritual growth. It outlines ways that our work is done in spiritual service to others.

Religion and the Workplace: Pluralism, Spirituality, Leadership – Douglas A Hicks

Published: 2003:Cambridge University Press

Douglas Hicks analyzes workplace issues from attire, office holiday policies, to discussions around the water cooler. He captures the challenges that religion and spirituality present in the world of the workplace. Above all, Hicks provides an invaluable moral framework in which office managers and co-workers can acknowledge conflict and create genuine, respectful pluralism.

Soul at Work: Reflections on a Spirituality of Working: Barbara Smith-Moran

Published: 1997: St Mary's Press,U.S

This book contains reflections which invite readers to examine their work: how it can be a calling or a vocation. The meditations may be done as a six-week, solitary, home-made retreat. They can be done while commuting to work, during the early hours before the family gets up to meet the day, or during coffee breaks when the office door can be shut for a few minutes of quiet. Sharing the retreat with a group of kindred spirits can also enhance the experience.

Spirituality in the Workplace: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Make It Work for You: Joan Marques

Published: 2007: Personhood Press

In this book readers are introduced to prominent thinkers in the field of workplace spirituality and their theories, publications written on the topic are extensively reviewed, and each page is highlighted with a boxed catchphrase for easy comprehension of the page's material. Suggestions are offered for both personal and organisational contributions to a spiritual work environment.

Spirituality and Social Work: Selected Canadian Readings: John C. Coates

Published: 2007: Canadian Scholars Press

Spirituality is an area of thought and practice that is attracting an increasing amount of attention and interest from social work practitioners, theorists, and instructors. "Spirituality and Social Work" explores the history, practice, and diversity of faith traditions with which spirituality and social work are intertwined.

Spirituality@Work: Ways to Balance Your Life On-the-job: Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

Published: 2001: Loyola University Press,U.S

This book invites you to pause, reflect, and act with the God who is already present, Gregory Pierce confronts and honestly evaluates our struggle to find meaning in the workplace. Unlike books that try to impose religion on the world of work, spirituality @ work promotes an authentic spirituality that is rooted in the nitty-gritty of the workplace.

The Active Life: A Spirituality of Work, Creativity and Caring Parker J. Palmer

Published: 1999:Jossey Bass

The Active Life is Parker J. Palmer′s deep and graceful exploration of a spirituality for the busy, sometimes frenetic lives many of us lead. Telling evocative stories from a variety of religious traditions, including Taoist, Jewish, and Christian, Palmer shows that the spiritual life does not mean abandoning the world but engaging it more deeply through life–giving action. He celebrates both the problems and potentials of the active life, revealing how much they have to teach us about ourselves, the world, and God.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Spirituality in the Workplace: C Diane Ealy

Published: 2002: Imprint Unknown

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Spirituality in the Workplace provides a healthy, balanced model for successful working--and living--in any environment and at every level of the workplace hierarchy. Workplace spirituality is of special importance in the post 9/11 world, though it has been a known issue since the 1990s, with conferences held nationwide with titles like "Wholeness, Meaning and Being Human at Work," local radio and TV programs on the subject, and a Spirituality in the Workplace sub-site and mailing list through SpiritWeb.

The Inspired Organisation: Spirituality and Energy at Work: Ellen Hayakawa

Published: 2006: Trafford Publishing

This book explores the theme of spirituality and energy at work as the foundation for inspired organisations. It is a descriptive resource as well as a tool that will help you to achieve the results you are choosing in your life at work.

The Relationship Between Spirituality and Work Performance: This study provides information about how managers believe that spirituality impacts work performance: George Honiball

Published: 2010: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

The purpose of this study was to determine managers? perceptions of the relationship between spirituality and work performance. The sample consisted of twelve senior managers from different organisations. Semi-structured interviews were used to gather the data. The data was qualitatively analysed and themes were identified. The findings indicated that spirituality promotes the healthy development of individuals by assisting with their own self-awareness, helping them find inner peace and dealing with stress and depression. Respondents also felt that spirituality enhances teamwork and redefines the concept of success in terms of engaging in competition, having unselfish motives and encouraging honesty. Based on the findings, recommendations were made for practice and for future research.

Work and Spirituality: Finding the Balance: Greg Heylin

Published: 2007:Veritas Publications

Finding the Balance is an intelligent and accessible book that invites readers to sympathetically consider contemporary work and spirituality at individual and organisational levels. It will help those interested in engaging actively with the wisdom within religious traditions to survive and grow in work, to get saner perspectives on work and to find power to act in new ways.

Working with Spirit: Engaging Spirituality to Meet the Challenges of The Workplace: L. Reid and Fred Evers

Published: 2004: Path Books

Lucy Reid and Fred Evers argue that spirituality in the workplace is neither a strategy to placate unhappy workers, nor an invasion by religious agenda. It is, instead, the pursuit of meaning and integrity, the attentiveness to deep questions, and the unleashing of creativity, by which our work is transformed and sanctified. Written from the perspective of a priest and a sociologist, Working With Spirit deals on the personal, corporate, and societal levels. It suggests ways to heal working relationships and integrate spiritual truths. It includes a compendium of resources to provide practical ways of engaging spirituality to meet challenges in the workplace today.

Workplace and Spirituality: New Perspectives on Research and Practice -Dr Joan Marques, Dr Satinder Dhiman, Dr Richard King

Published: 2009 - Skylight Paths Publishing

The Workplace and Spirituality aims to correct this drop in morale by helping business leaders restore meaning and purpose to the workplace. Each of the twenty contributors in this anthology is a business leader, teacher, speaker, or writer on the topic of workplace spirituality, representing the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and South America. Together, they offer a comprehensive and clear understanding of what it takes, and what it means, to be a spiritual workplace.