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A Quiet Place

Has developed a range of initiatives in both the private and public sector to implement Well Being in the Workplace. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce.


Foundation for Workplace Spirituality (based in Surrey)

A not-for profit organisation and the website contains resources, contacts and links to support individuals, communities and organisations who are exploring workplace spirituality. The aim of the organisation is to provide a forum through which everyone can network, connect and engage in a conversation that advances the raising of spiritual consciousness, awareness and practice.


Quiet Room Designs

Quiet Room Designs was set up by Helen Sanderson as a direct response to a recognised need for design and harmony to be included in corporate prayer rooms. As and artist, designer, interfaith minister and therapist she recognised the value of providing a special place to retreat that would facilitate the journey into prayer, contemplation or mediation. In our highly commercialised, stimulating and demanding culture, the senses are bombarded with data to process. Internally our systems are craving peace and calm. A specially designed environment can sooth and re-centre our sense of wellbeing. Quiet Room Designs, London.

Tel: 07989 230244

Centre of Spirituality and the Workplace

The Facebook page for Centre of Spirituality and the Workplace (Canada)