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Being spiritual at work

Being spiritual at work – how to combat lethargy.


Business today

Business today – spirituality in the workplace - some interesting facts and information.


Healing: Universal Spiritual Principles That Work

Healing: Universal Spiritual Principles That Work - a really great article – great photos!


Love and spirituality in management and business

Love and spirituality in management and business - compassion for humankind - and other ethical reference points for good leadership and management in business and organisations.


Quips and tips

Quips and tips for being spiritual seekers in the workplace. Many spiritual people have to leave their beliefs and spirituality at home because they don’t know how to create a spiritual workplace. Click here to find out how to make your workplace more spiritual.


Soulful Living

An article on Spirituality in the Workplace by Martin Rutte. Also links to resources, bookstores, tools and gifts.


Spirituality in the Workplace, a woman’s journey

A website that covers many spiritual aspects of the workplace for women including spiritual laws. A website packed full of information, articles, useful reading and organisations.


Workplace and Spirituality

Encourages ideas and thoughts about the workplace and expressing spirituality through career, calling, ethics, economic justice, spiritual practices, and spiritual values.