Helping people to lead more meaningful & peaceful lives

About Spiritual England

Spiritual England does not have a formal membership and is best described as a spiritual network which had its beginings in 2007 at a focus group organised by Anna Lubelska and held at the Reform Club in London. Anna wanted to explore the idea of creating an organisation which would promote the importance of spirituality and help everyone be more spiritual. She invited people from different religions as well as people with no religion or any belief in God or the divine. Together they created a joint vision which is set out on this website on the page called: 'Our Vision'. This vision was encapsulated in Spiritual England's first mission statement: Spiritual England - Opening the doors to support, inspiration and spiritual growth for everyone. In 2009 , Spiritual England was constituted as a charitable association.

In 2012 we launched the Peaceful Schools Movement in the belief that peace can be taught. In 2013, the Trustees changed the mission statement to 'Helping People Lead More Peaceful Lives'. This was because we wanted to make clear that we are working for PEACE in our lives and in the world.

I n 2017, Anna and the Trustees decided to wind up the association and just have Spiritual England as an information source (this website) and a network on the Facebook Group: Spiritual England. We donated the closing balance of our account to one of our Beacon Peaceful Schools to help them with their peace work.

Anna trained with the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and was Ordained in July 2014. She describes herself as a People's Minister for Peace.

Anna has over forty years of experience of working in education and children's services at local, regional and national levels in England. With a degree in Chemical Engineering she went on to become a youth and community worker on the Manor estate in Sheffield in the 1970s. Her subsequent career involved a wide range of jobs for local authorities and charities. In the 1990s she was Director of the Children's Play Council based at the National Children's Bureau. In 2010 Anna was awarded the Medal of Gratitude by the European Centre for Solidarity for her campaigning work in the early 1980s in support of free trade unions and freedom in Poland.

Anna Lubelska is a foundation advocate for Civil-isation.