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Contemplation of death is often a time when our spiritual awareness grows. Or the grief of losing a loved-one will lead us to question the material world and look for something more.

Here are some resources to help you explore this fact of life that is often stigmatised or avoided in our society.

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Cultures & Traditions

Throughout the world, through history and modern-day, there are thousands of different ways we approach the subject of death. This page will attempt to catalogue as many as physically possible.

A great many books, articles, and publications have been written on the subject of death. Here you'll find some recommended reading material from people searching for the answer to the ultimate question.

Services & Communities

There's more to services relating to death than funerals, and more to communities than movie-esque death cults. Here you'll find practical services offered in the UK. Alongside communities and organisations helping those dealing with grief and loss.

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Films & TV Series

No, this isn't a selection of horror films, nor is it entirely made up of Murder Mysteries. What you'll find here is a collection of films and series exploring death in a meaningful and spiritual sense. They'll leave you pondering the possibility of life after death, and what exactly that could entail.

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This link will take you to the Suicide page of our Mental Health section. Where you'll find resources for everything from dealing with suicidal thoughts, to coping with the grief from the suicide of a loved one. We hope you'll find what you need here. 


Spirituality &


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