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Holistic Healing & Consulting
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with Adam Pike

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If you're looking for solutions to your problems and you're open to change, you're in the right place

Let's look at the whole picture to help you achieve your health goals!

Holistic & All Natural Healing 

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Holistic Health Advice

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Adam Pike

Holistic Healer &

Alternative Medicine Consultant

Nutrition • Herbalism • Reiki

I've been studying the mind, body, and spirit from a young age.

Passionate about food and health, fascinated by the human mind, and entranced by the mysticism of our reality. My journey through heaven and hell has placed me here, where I might best contribute to this world we share.

I have no interest in quick fixes that don't last. Let's find the source of the problem and the treat it from there.

By using skills and knowledge acquired through a life-time of training, I can help you to become your most healthy and authentic self.

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Adam Pike Holistic Healer and Consultant

"If we come from the same original ancestor and evolved alongside each other for millions on years, is it so hard to believe the plant kingdom might have an answer to all our health problems?"

adam pike holistic healer

Adam advises people on...

  • Alternative Healing Methods

  • Nutrition

  • Developing a Personal Diet

  • Fasting Strategies

  • Finding a Lifestyle Balance

  • Building Healthy Habits

  • and more!

“Adam is an extremely knowledgeable and empathetic person, who will move every rock to find the solutions to your problems"

James, UK

Nature - Woods - Holistic Healing

"I won't try to cure you,
I'll teach you how to cure yourself"


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I'm a qualified nutritionist and herbalist-in-training, during this time I'm open to providing free consultations. If you're interested, fill out the contact form below with a brief description of what you'd like to discuss and I'll be in touch!

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Holistic Healing Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are types of Holistic Healing Methods?
    Holistic Healing Methods intend to heal by looking at the whole of the system, hence why it's sometimes spelled Wholistic. A simple analogy would involve a person with pain in their knee. In Modern Medicine, the person would be seen by a knee specialist who would examine the knee largely in isolation, whereas holistic healing would examine the whole body system. True holistic healing methods would not limit the scope of the examination and healing to the knee or indeed to the body. They should take into account all possible factors relating to the mind, body, and spirit. For a list of Holistic Healing Methods, visit the Natural Healing Methods section of our Natural Healing page.
  • What is the difference between Alternative Healing and Holistic Healing?
    Holistic healing refers to healing methods incorporating the whole of the system rather than looking at things in isolation. Alternative healing refers to unconventional healing methods or, more specifically, healing methods other than the modern pharmaceutical-based medicine widely used in the West over the past 100-years or so. To find out more about Alternative Healing Methods and Holistic Healing, visit our Natural Healing page, check out the Spiritual Forums, or find amazing articles on Natural Healing and Spirituality in our Spiritual Blog!
  • How can I find the best Holistic Healer?
    Word of mouth and reputation may be the best points of call for find the best Holistic Healers. There are membership-granting organisations who somewhat regulate the field of alternative medicines, but, just as not all doctors are suitable for everyone, not all natural healers are going to be the best for you. Shop around, speak to a few, and find one who understands your concerns and you feel comfortable with. The best results come from a combination of the healer, the patient, and the relationship between them. For a growing list of the very best natural and holistic healers, visit our Natural Healing page.
  • The NHS failed me, could Alternative Medicine heal me?
    There are times when Modern Medicine can fall short of the mark and fail to improve your health or quality of life. It's surely reasonable then to consider what other options are available to you. 'Alternative' natural medicines have been around for thousands of years and stood the test of time. They're often less aggressive than Modern Medicines and, while certainly not free of side effects, typically work in a more synergistic and holistic (whole) way. Find out more about Alternative Healing, Natural & Spiritual Healing methods on our Natural Healing page!
  • What are some types of Spiritual Healers?
    Energy healing, such as Reiki & Sekhem, use energies to heal, sometimes referred to as Prana or Chi. Family Constellations incorporate spirits of ancestors, guides, angels etc to assist in the healing process. Spiritual healing can refer to using spirits to heal or to healing the spirit itself. For further information and a list of spiritual healers, visit our Spiritual Healing page!
  • How can I put my addiction down?
    There are many ways to overcome addictions and the right way for you may be different for someone else. The best thing to do is explore the various options and choose a method which seems right for you - it will only work if you believe it can. If you have doubts or are uncertain about the many options available, seeking advice from multiple sources is a good first point of call. Remember we are multifaceted beings and we need to consider the mind, body, and spirit when it comes to healing. Don't give up hope if something doesn't work! In my experience, things can develop gradually with slow progress and other times there can be rapid transformation. I've experienced both and I'm very happy to share my experiences and offer my insights and knowledge - feel free to reach out! - Adam Pike, Spiritual England
  • Can fasting help beat addiction?
    Fasting helped me to transform negative habits into positive ones in a very short space of time. This seemingly radical approach was (unintentionally) prepared for over several years and I'm now able to explain how a similar approach might be successful for others. This sort of thing isn't for everyone and even the very idea of fasting will be enough to put many off trying; however, if you're looking for a solution, and you aren't afraid of the effort and commitment involved, I'm more than happy to share my experience and knowledge.
  • What are the health benefits of being Vegan?
    A plant-based diet can be an extremely healthy one, just check out the Blue Zones; however, any diet can be unhealthy and the devil is in the details. For example, heavily processed meat alternatives may be an ethical option, but they're certainly not a healthy one. Lots of unhealthy foods are vegan, just as lots of dangerous substances are natural. Don't be fooled by the words 'plant-based' or 'all-natural' and assume they're healthy. Simple dietary recommendations would be to reconnect with your food and Learn to enjoy cooking Recognise food as the foundation of your health Eat whole foods and stop taking unhealthy shortcuts Take time out for meals and build new healthy eating habits Check out these articles on Diet and Nutrition for more information.
  • Why should I go barefoot?
    Going barefoot has many amazing benefits; I've written an article briefly covering many of these!
  • Can a Nutritionist help with my health issues?
    We're taught to believe food is mere fuel for the body, calories in and energy out. This simple-minded way of thinking is relatively new to humanity, as Indian and Chinese medicine shows thousands of years of knowledge regarding nutrition and health. You've heard the saying 'you are what you eat' and this is true, so much so that your brain is literally comprised of the fats you consume. I believe it is impossible to permanently heal any issue if diet and nutrition don't change. Our body's cells are constantly renewing and yet they're regenerating dis-eased and malfunctioning tissues - why? A house is only as good as its foundations and materials; if you give your body a bad environment and provide terrible materials, how can you expect it to function normally, let alone at its very best? Treating acute health issues with medicines is vital, but healing the ongoing and chronic conditions that cause those symptoms and acute issues is just as important. We live in a society where sickness is normalised, where being ill and recovering is expected multiple times every year. Those who live in healthier and long-living societies always have far superior diets and nutritional intake - this is not a coincidence. For more information, visit the Natural Healing page and check out regular articles on diet and nutrition.
  • Why is Nutrition important to health?
    Our oldest civilisations in China and India both believe nutrition and health are inextricably linked. It's only in the past 100-years or so we've decided that food is mere fuel - calories in, energy out - and that medicine comes in the form of a pill. I believe that while acute issues need an appropriately fast-acting solution, better nutrition and lifestyle is the only way to live a healthy life free of chronic conditions. To read more about the subjects of health, diet, and nutrition, visit the blog for regular articles.
  • How can I get Nutrition Advice online?
    Yes, but who can give you advice and what it can be will vary. When I give advice as a registered member of the Association of Nutrition, I have to be careful not to advice on medical outcomes. I'll give you all the information on diet and nutrition you wish, alongside some knowledge about interested herbs, packaged with more general lifestyle advice, but never comment on how these things may have medical-related consequences. Registered Dieticians can more freely give advice and recommendations. Doctors can also give advice, based on the 1-2 weeks of study on nutrition which they manage to squeeze into 7 years... For advice, visit the Holistic Healing page, for more information on diet and nutrition visit the Natural Healing page and check out the spiritual blog for regular articles on health and nutrition. Don't forget to read the disclaimer in our Terms & Conditions for clarification.
  • Is fat good for me?
    The simple answer is more yes than no, contrary to popular belief. We need fat to survive and to be healthy, our brains are 60% fat and various fats are responsible for various vital bodily functions. the key is to limit 'bad' fats and consume lots of 'good' fats. For a more detailed look into fat, check out this article on Why I love Fat!
  • Why should I quit sugar? ...and how?
    Beyond seemingly offering no health benefits, refined sugar can contribute to a whole host of health issues. Alternative sugars aren't any better and 'natural' sugars aren't forced to be healthier - read this article for more information on Why You Should Quit Sugar.
  • Are Vitamin Supplements good for me?
    Vitamins are vital for good health, but is this true for vitamins in their pill form, which are mass-produced in labs? While deficiencies may be treated through vitamin supplements, relying on them for ongoing health reasons is seriously flawed. Read this article on Natural Food Vs Synthetic Supplements to find out more!
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