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Holistic Healing & Consulting
-in England and online -
with Adam Pike

Natural Healing

If you're looking for solutions to your problems and you're open to change, you're in the right place

Let's look at the whole picture
to help you achieve your health goals!

How can we help you?

Holistic Healing & Counselling

Herbalist in England



Advanced Nutrition (AfN)

Dietary Advice

Reiki in England


Reiki Scanning & Healing
Long-distance Healing

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Holistic Health Advice

Dropping Addictions
Forming Healthy Habits

Adam Pike

Holistic Healer & Consultant

Nutrition • Herbalism • Reiki

I've been studying the mind, body, and spirit from a young age.

Passionate about food and health, fascinated by the human mind, and entranced by the mysticism of our reality. My journey through heaven and hell has placed me here, where I might best contribute to this world we share.

I have no interest in quick fixes that don't last. Let's find the source of the problem and the treat it from there.

By using skills and knowledge acquired through a life-time of training, I can help you to become your most healthy and authentic self.

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Adam Pike Holistic Healer and Consultant

"If we come from the same original ancestor and evolved alongside each other for millions on years, is it so hard to believe the plant kingdom might have an answer to everything?"

Adam advises
people on...

  • Alternative Healing Methods

  • Nutrition

  • Developing a Personal Diet

  • Fasting Strategies

  • Finding a Lifestyle Balance

  • Building Healthy Habits

  • and more!

“Adam is an extremely knowledgeable and empathetic human, who will move every rock to find the solutions to your problems"

James, UK

Nature - Woods - Holistic Healing

"I won't try to cure you,
I'll teach you how to cure yourself"


Book a Consultation

I'm currently completing my training and open to providing free consultations in the meantime. If you're interested, please fill out the contact form below with a brief description of what you'd like to discuss. I'll be sure to get back to you and look to arrange a time for a call!

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