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What Makes A Game Spiritual?

As spirituality covers so many areas of life, we've tried to stick to the games we think best fit into the following categories: meaningful, philosophical, developmental, and those ostensibly spiritual or religious, such as those based on Tarot cards or the Bible.

From ancient wooden games, such as Go (Weiqi) to modern boardgames like Biblios. Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of all tabletop games relating to spiritual development, faith &  religion, fears & emotions, and many more.

Spiritual PC & Console Games

With the invention of video games, the scope what what's possible to create in games vastly increased. With modern tools, everyone can create a game; so, we've tried to sift through the mass to find the very best for you.

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Children's Spiritual Games

This list is reserved for games either specifically aimed at younger audiences, or thought suitable by the SE team. As always, we advise any parent or care-giver to thoroughly vet any and all content first. 

We'd recommend going into a local, independently run game shop for your board games, this way you can speak to the knowledgeable staff and even try out games before you buy.
If you need to go online to find what you're looking for, here are some of the best options.




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