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What Makes A Game Spiritual?

Find games that are meaningful, philosophical, religious, and promote creativity and self development



Spiritual PC & Console Games

Spiritual video games are more common than you might think

Explore the nature of existence, what it means to be human, delve deep into the psyche, or see what it would be like to live as Jesus Christ!

Games provide us the option of learning through play, something humans and animals alike have done for thousands of years. We're know rediscovering and beginning to realise just how valuable this type of learning can be.

PC Games Console Video

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What are your favourite spiritual games? Share your recommendations and playing experiences!

Spiritual Board Games

From ancient wooden games, such as Go (Weiqi) to modern board games like Biblios.

Table top games relating to spiritual development, faith &  religion, fears & emotions, and many more

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Nature Board Games

Nature and Spirituality go hand in hand and the themes of nature create wonderful games