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Would you like to join this spiritual community hub?

We're building a spiritual community online and in the UK, welcome to everyone where ever they happen to be in the world. A place to discuss ideas, share our experiences and learn from one another. 

There's a Spiritual Revolution happening and we intend to lead the way, why don't you join us on this journey?

There are many ways to become a part of Spiritual England

Author / Writer

Become a Guest Author for the Spiritual England Blog


Got something you'd love to share with your fellow beings? Perhaps something which could improve the life of a reader, maybe leaving them deep in thought or with a big smile on their face. Everyone has a unique perspective and voice, and we want to share it with the world. We're looking for regular contributors as well as those who have one awesome, reality-breaking story to tell.


Ensure discussions remain good-natured and fair


As the community grows, we'll need calm minds and quick wits to keep things on the right path. We wish to promote open discussion and the free exchange of ideas, creating a place where everyone feels comfortable to explore their thoughts and ideas. That being said, there're many sensitive subjects in the realms of spirituality and religion, so this may be a challenging role to take!

Topic Owner

Take ownership of a part of Spiritual England


If you've got tonnes of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and expertise on a given topic, we'd love for you to take control of it! Let it be a place for you to share all the amazing insights you've gained, and allow it to facilitate your exploration into the topic further. Engage with the community, exchange ideas, and collaborate to delve deeper than ever before.

Web Developer

Make changes and improve the website for visitors


You would ensure the Spiritual England site gets a regular service, as well as making improvements where you see fit. There's so much we can do in this community if we have the right tools and, if you take on this role, you will be responsible for providing those tools. SEO knowledge is welcome, as is the desire to create a hub of learning and development. 

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Publish your articles/thoughts on an ever-growing site with like-minded people. Meet like-minded souls from all over the world, sharing your knowledge and experiences

Become part of a growing online spiritual community, contributing to a hub of high quality spiritual resources whenever you feel inspired!


Promote your business with links on your articles/pages (perhaps you have a Crystal Shop, Reiki Practice or Yoga Studio)

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