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What is a Spiritual Movie or TV Series?

For a movie or television series to be considered spiritual, it usually means it's thought-provoking and meaningful. Perhaps it confronts our understanding of life and death, our values, and our beliefs. They may centre around some core concepts of spirituality, such as enlightenment and awakening. Other times they're not quite so obviously spiritual, until you delve into hidden meanings and abstract interpretations. 

This is a compilation of spiritual movies split into categories of: Comedy, Science & Sci-Fi, Death & The Afterlife, and Development. 

Spiritual TV Series & Shows

TV series and shows all around the concepts of spirituality, meaningfulness, and philosophy. Covering topics from life after death and Past Lives, to dealing with mental health problems. 

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Here you'll find a list of spirituality  related media suitable for children under 12, according to the ratings authorities. As ever, suitability should be determined by yourself; prior viewing and research is recommended.

Religious Movies & TV Shows

Specifically religious movies and tv series; the vast majority are , of course, related to Christianity. We wish to collect a wide range of material, from the very serious to the very silly, favouring those full of creativity and information.

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Spiritual Overseas Films & TV Series

A collection of foreign language films and tv series related to spirituality. Many of which are available in both English dubbed and subbed.



Movies & TV

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