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"The notion that Science and Spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both" - Carl Sagan

Spirituality & AI

How does Spirituality relate to Artificial Intelligence? As AI develops, it further breaks down the distinction between humanity and machine. Are we mere machines, just the equivalent to a hyper- intelligent AI, or are we more than this?

Scientific Investigations

This area of scientific research, known also as Psychical Research, investigates psychic and paranormal phenomena. The main subjects include Mediumship, Telepathy, and Near Death Experiences.

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"As I read more on the subject of spirituality, I keep coming across assertions about the world which I've seen before in scientific literature. To paraphrase The Kybalion, 'science is still proving what the ancient mystics knew thousands of years ago', and this book itself was written over 100 years ago. From The Bible's Great Flood, to the way in which the very 'matter' in the universe interacts; it appears as though historical religious and spiritual texts knew more than we give them credit for.

This also raises questions for me on how we as a society accept truths, and our often seemingly blind trust in science. Today we may see something become 'scientifically proved' and widely accepted, even when thought ludicrous and beyond the realm of possibility only last week. We trust the publication, the scientist, and the information, though most will never even glance at the evidence used to reach the conclusion. In essence, most of us are accepting scientific facts based on faith, the very same faith so disparaged by those declaring themselves to have a scientific mindset. 

A phrase we hear so often is 'Trust the science', an oxymoron to be sure, but also a clear indication, at least to me, that science, religion, and spirituality, are not so different after all."

- Adam Pike

Seeker Scientist 


This is the website of Dr. John J. Petrovic, Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow (retired).


This website allows the free reading of Dr Petrovic’s three books on the Science of Spirituality:


Dr. John J. Petrovic writes:

"You may be asking yourself how can there be any science in spirituality. These two areas are considered by many people today to be fundamentally opposed to each other. After all, doesn't science deal with the material world while spirituality deals with the non-material, and never the two shall meet. Yet the fact of the matter is that the primary goal of science is to understand and describe reality. And the reality is that the root fundamentals of science converge with the metaphysical. In addition, there are a great many "inconvenient truths", observational facts that cannot be explained using our current scientific paradigms. For science to progress, it must come to grips with issues that seem to reside in the spirituality of the non-physical.

One should not confuse spirituality with religion. Spirituality encompasses the nature of the non-physical, while religion involves belief systems. The two are not the same. As a scientist, I am compelled to search for reality in whatever direction that search may take me. The content of this website is what I have discovered thus far. Feel free to explore my books and let both your logic and your intuition guide you to the truth of existence."

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Spirituality &


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