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Natural Healing &
Alternative Treatments

Here you'll find the many spiritual and alternative healing methods found throughout the world and used throughout human history


"The health of your mind, body, and spirit, is a great responsibility.
You are the master and expert of your own well-being."

This covers everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine, to Energy Healing and Gong-Bathing. This growing collection will aim to provide information on the rich history of healing and the many types in use today. If it's an 'Alternative' healing method then you'll hopefully find it here.

Holistic Healing Advice

We all know we can make ourselves unwell by thinking it, through psychosomatic illness, yet many will scoff at the thought of willing ourselves better. However, the effect of healing ourselves with our minds alone is very well documented in the Placebo Effect.


To develop spiritually is to develop the will, to shed destructive patterns, and to cleanse and stimulate our energy systems. The universal symbol of medicine itself appears to signify a connection between spirituality and medicine, with the serpent (kundalini), rising up the staff (spinal column), forming a double helix (DNA).

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The literature on specific healing methods can be found

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Groups and organisations based around spiritual healing.
Including groups of practitioners and centres offering courses.

A list of both UK and International spiritual retreats

These spiritual retreat specialists boast locations all over the world,

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