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 There are a growing number of communities worldwide, associated with spirituality, environmentalism, and humanitarianism to name but a few.

For many, it's a way to live together in a society of their choosing, in which they share similar values and their goals are aligned. Whether that's to live closer to nature in a commune, seek out others with similar spiritual beliefs and practices, or merely wish to eschew the trappings of modern life.

Spiritual communities based in the UK, from Land's End to John O'Groats. If you're looking for a local spiritual community, you'll find it here. If you can't it will likely be on the Free Communes or Transition Towns pages.

International Spiritual Communities

A collection of spiritual communities from around the world. A great resource for our international friends, or useful if you're from the UK and wish to seek out some enlightenment overseas.

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Online Spiritual Communities

This collection is for those looking for online communities to join. These aren't limited or confined by geographical location and offer something different. Spiritual England intends to build a great spiritual community right here!

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Otherwise Known As Intentional Community

These communities share resources, income, property and more, with little to no individual ownership. Starting in the 1960s as part of the Hippie counterculture and continuing today in various forms.

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Type of Intentional Community

Transition Towns are a fairly new, circa 2005, type of community movement. Building on the foundations of Itentional Communities and Communes, Transition Towns also have a low-carbon focus.


Groups & Communities

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