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Spiritual Artists

All creativity is spiritual and it can be said that everyone is creative, they just may not realise it. Artists are people who develop their creativity. It could be argued that all artists are spiritual. Here are some that actually think of themselves as spiritual artists. And to start, here is a wonderful quote about the value of paintings...

''And if you roll the universe into a ball and pull it all to pieces like a sun that is made from string and if your hands get sore and if the clouds are laughing and you blink and if your heart cracks open and is raw and if you start to think that you can’t live and the world gets dark like a wintry eye closing... just look at a painting.''  Deborah Lubelska Katz - artist, writer and visionary.

Susan Walter is an Intuitive Visionary Artist.  After near death experiences as a child, Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms and she saw angels in their pure light form. She uses this ability to draw your Angel's Portrait and relay messages and insights from your angels. Susan is also the Artist/Author of the Solfeggio Mandala Activation Guides & Meditation Decks assisting us to realign with our original blueprint. She also creates healing art with a conscious heart from her visions during meditation. This is her way of connecting with the divine and to assist humanity to do the same and recognize the divine within ourselves and each other. Susan Walter Art


Lucina S. Della Rocca began painting as a child. She has always followed her conscience when painting her original work, protesting against the Vietnam war in the 1960s, and painting commentaries on daily life in the early ‘70s. Through becoming a student of meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy she found her art evolving, becoming lighter and more from the heart. She continues to highlight social issues, examining war, racism and our treatment of the Earth; however from her spiritual practice her mission for her art is to uplift the viewer. Lucina's website


“I want my art to convey hope, love, and joy. Despite all the bad things that happen, both man-made and acts of nature, I feel we do live in a benevolent universe. I will always be a student of art, and of life and spirituality.” Lucina S. Della Rocca

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Vicky Paul is a spirit-led intuitive artist who creates abstract paintings that visually reconnect you with your soul self. Her work includes Soul Portraits, aka Energy Portraits, that capture the human spirit. They are an intuitive, abstract reflection of your inner essence and the energy of your soul and draw on her work as an intuitive, energy healer and psychic medium. You can find out more and see examples here: WEBSITE:   Vicky Paul

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Heather Charnley has been painting clairsentient images of ancient sites, planets etc for many years. She lives in Cumbria.


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Brian David, is an artist born 1st June 1978 in Essex England. He says: 'I’ve not really had as much time as I'd like creating art. 'It kinda happens when it happens'. For some time now I have been working towards a 'series or collection' in my spare time. Sure I can draw and I am OK at it. But I wanted to create a 'style of Art', like the Impressionists or along those lines. So for the time-being in my own soul search this had become the theme or brief. One way to describe my art works to date is that they have been somewhat spiritual in nature.'

Naomi Walker lives in Northumberland in the UK and has been painting all her life. A spiritual adventurer since early childhood, Naomi has been a practising witch since the age of 9. Her astral angels and spiritscapes are painted during channelling sessions or after journeying in the astral planes. Naomi paints for clients from all over the world and her images are used for healing work, meditation and astral journeying. Visit Naomi's website to see her artwork and inspirational writing or connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In this modern world, you are never more than an electronic message away!

Nicky Tsierkezou has been creating art in many different ways throughout her life. She is a deeply creative person and says: ‘My understand of the spiritual art that I create is that I connect to each person’s soul energies to share their deep authentic self - like a mirror. The energies that come through are from the enchanted realms of the upper world and are always filled with unconditional love, acceptance and deep relaxation. Each piece I create is individual and will carry on connecting to each person.’

Sid Manley (born in 1903) was many things during his life including a carpenter, a medium, a healer, a structural engineer and a psychic artist! Unlike most psychic artists who draw through clairvoyance, Sid had no inherent artistic skill or inclination. He drew in a way perhaps best described as conscious mediumship, with no idea of what was to be drawn. Working with different materials, no practice, study, or correction, he would bring a piece to completion with working methods that were counter-intuitive. Sid’s son, Chris, is working on a book about his father. To contact Chris:


Tomas Boisvert was born in Quebec, Canada in 1958. After studies in Communication and Cinema, he now devotes his time to painting. He creates ‘figurative evocative’ art which is the expression and reflect of his spiritual life path. Thomas says: ‘To paint light, simply, from the to paint love. Art, fruit of the soul, of love...connects us to our Source. Art reminds us of our true identity, our true being. Grateful thanks to Life for inspiring my heart and guiding my hand’. Thomas Boisvert on facebook : or :

Debbie McIntree. Creations – Art for the Soul. Debbie has always had a creative career which has taken her in many different directions, including studying Interior Design and acquiring master craftsman status in specialist paint effects. These skills have enabled her to experiment and find the style that allows her to express herself through my art. She is now on her true path and has been guided to create textured abstract art using a variety of mediums. She paints mainly angels, fairies and Buddhas. All her work is individually created with palette knives and brushes and is heavily textured to give a unique finish. She intuitively chooses a crystal and places it on the back of each finished canvas with a guided message. She can create bespoke, commissioned pieces. Arch Angel Uriel helps us to find our strength for our path in service...

Joanne Webb’s lifelong interest in anthropology and the transformation of the human spirit has resulted in the creation of wonderfully imaginative works. Influences include: the art and creative awareness of early and modern day shamanic culture, alternative states

of consciousness, cosmic journeying, dreaming and Buddhism. Joanne’s most recent body of work depicts seamless repeat patterns as the art forms. Over the years, a gradual collaboration between classical and contemporary fine art techniques [painting & collage] and surface design has meant that working digitally became fused and part of the creative process. Joanne explores and produces artist-led and designed products – in particular - textiles.

Prints can be ordered online via the website: and commissions and studio visits are welcome.


Jaimie Cahill is an artist & transpersonal psychotherapist...beginning to refer to his paintings as Transpersonal Painting! He paints vivid, colourful paintings with a clear spiritual quality. When you look at them in the flesh they have a powerful meditative quality. He believes this is because many of his paintings have a mandala within them. In Sanskrit ‘mandala’ means a circle within a circle – an ancient focus for meditation. Jaimie explains that the mandala is the essence of his painting process – in that he looks deep within (the inner circle) while holding a sense of the whole (the outer circle). He describes his work as “speaking to the soul”. Jaimie began meditating in the 80s to inspire creativity. Now meditation gives him the deeply receptive state required for the creative process, which he calls “soul work”.


Dr Beate Dehnen is an artist, teacher and education-scientist. Here's her 'Wings of Dawn' picture.


Beate's art is about capturing light and showing the inherent beauty of 'things'. Living and working in two countries and languages finds an echo in her creative work. Some of her work is inspired by language, words, verses, texts and deep reasoning. In the last few years Beate has been working with children and adults in 'coherence in communities’ art projects, focusing on inter-cultural and inter-faiths aspects. This has inspired some of her own work and is captured in her new book: 'Stepping Stones - Art Journeys Around The World - Cultures, Art and Religions' . Beate is a trained teacher and holds a Ph.D. in education-pedagogy. Art and creativity are a leitmotiv of Beate's life, an aesthetic way of living and working. Beate runs art workshops in the UK and abroad. She has illustrated educational and other publications. Commissions welcome and art workshops possible.


Annett E. Bank... describes herself as a 'Lightworker' and says: 'I am a truth seeker who educates people about the neccesity of returning to authentic living and practicing self-responsibility. For the last few years I independently studied the true nature of our reality and created tools to help others to break free from psychic manipulation and mind control mechanisms'.

'My website is called Indigo Visions @, where I offer energising feng shui inspired art and creative development workshops.' Annett has a permanent exhibition of her art at the Monkey Cage Gallery open from 10.30am - 4pm. Monday & Tuesday closed. Free Admission. Monkey Cage Gallery, East Wing/ Boating Pool, Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 OHE - Café, children's playground and boating pool on site!

Tel: 01843 590080

Pat Castle usually works in a series relating to one particular region, i.e., Southern Spain, Morocco, the Dordogne etc, where she will immerse herself in the area, gaining knowledge of the environment. As a result her work has been much praised for its vibrancy, sense of colour and tmosphere Pat Castle has exhibited widely. Her work has been shown in the Southwark Festival, with the Royal Society of British Artists,

The Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Welcome Foundation, Price Waterhouse and Lloyds of London .She has been featured as the solo artist for the Boulogne Festival and in an exhibition mounted by the British Moroccan Society of which she is a member. For a considerable time she was also one of the stable of artists of the Heritage Gallery, Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A


Argentinian Artist, Camilo Villanueva’s paintings are characterised by the great visual impact they produce and their strong colours. 
He is a kind of alchemist who during the production of his work has access to an extraordinary state of consciousness. His paintings convey deep spiritual messages of love and unity.

They are exceptional mandalas which can be used as doors to the cosmic elements that transmute the soul into something higher to discover the key to its evolution. When we access Camilo's paintings, sort of holograms in which each part holds the information of totality, we are offered the opportunity to enrich our spirit, discover the unseen and feel one with the Creation.


Deborah Lubelska Katz was a spiritual artist and visionary who died too young in 2009. A book about her: ‘Deborah Lubelska Katz – Art Portfolio, a life in words and art’ is published by Spiritual England and can can be obtained directly from the printers online at You can also preview the book here.

'Very many people have been touched by Debbie's life, I would hope many more will be touched by her art. Enjoying Debbie’s art portfolio provides one more opportunity to reconnect with the soul of Deborah, an artist, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a fellow-believer, a co-worker, a travelling companion, a soul-mate, and much more...' Pierre Robinson, the book’s designer

'And if you roll the universe into a ball and pull it all to pieces like a sun that is made from string and if your hands get sore and if the clouds are laughing and you blink and if your heart cracks open and is raw and if you start to think that you can’t live and the world gets dark like a wintry eye closing... just look at a painting' , Deborah Lubelska Katz.