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Spiritual Workers Association

The Spiritual Workers Association is a UK based Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers as well as an international umbrella group for all spiritual minded people. The Association brings spiritual organisations and independents together, promotes excellence and seeks to improve standards in the field of spiritual work. Their ultimate aim is to offer the public a credible organisation that gives them a list of members to choose from who they know will not set out to defraud them. In other words, spiritual workers they can trust.

Full membership is open to all spiritual workers in the UK who are classed by UK legislation as a business/service provider. This covers anyone who charges or receives remuneration of any kind for their spiritual services.

Contact: Carole McEntee-Taylor (Policy Director), Simon Curwood (Operations Manager)

Telephone: 01656 762299

Spiritual Unity Party

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Carole McEntee-Taylor and Simon Curwood from the Spiritual Workers Association, (SWA) the trade association for Spiritual Workers in the UK, have launched a new political party. Called the Spiritual Unity Party (SUP), and describing itself as the voice of the nation’s spirit, it offers the electorate an alternative to the ideological policies of successive governments that have been designed to favour one section of the community over another.