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Welcome to Spiritual England!

Do you ever wonder if there might be more to life than money, possessions, and small talk?

Have you broken away from conventional religion but miss the
community, depth, philosophy, and mysticism?

This website is a place where you can explore spirituality,
the idea there’s something beyond the material world that is meaningful, magical, and inspirational.

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Hallo and welcome!

I created Spiritual England to give you information and inspiration to help you lead a more meaningful and peaceful life, if that's what you are seeking.

Anna's Welcome

Anna Lubelska Spiritual England Peace Building

I feel that it's important to look beyond the everyday stuff and explore your inner life and whatever is beyond the every day, and it may be mysterious and unknowable.

My spiritual journey has been long and varied. I don't advocate any particular activities or paths. It's for you to explore and choose what feels right for you at various times and stages in your life.

The good news is that there is so much spiritual support, teaching, and activity around these days. Use this website as a starting point. Meditation, retreats, studying and reading are just some things that can bring more wisdom, understanding and peace into your life. And it may give you access to developing the abilities and skills you will need to cope with what life throws at you.

Please maintain a curious mind and don't be afraid to question and challenge. Also please be brave enough to walk away from people, situations or organisations that don't feel healthy or that want too much of your money.

Go forth and explore!

With love


Hello there!

I built this new site to take Spiritual England into its next chapter. I intend to honour Anna's vision, and grow this spiritual hub into an even greater resource for everyone.

Adam Short Black Background.png

Adam's Welcome

I found spirituality far later in my life than I expected. An odd statement to make, as I never had any intention to 'find spirituality' and I therefore can't really be late finding it. However, the feeling is that it was always there and I just never noticed it before.

I could always feel there was something more, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I grew up thinking religions were silly, and spirituality wasn't spared in that childish judgement. Science seemed the answer and yet I knew all too well how it possesses more holes than the finest Swiss cheese. Philosophy came to my rescue, only to fail when it came to providing real meaning or satisfying answers. In the end, it took years of depression and poor choices for me to discover what was inside me all along.

It is my hope, the resources within this website help you to find your spirituality in a more gentle way, and, if you're going through a tough time, they can assist you in finding peace. The world around us appears to grow ever more chaotic and insane, making the development of our spirituality and inner peace all the more important.


Alongside this rise in chaos, is a rise in those awakening to their innate spirituality. Together, we are spreading peace and love, shining an ever growing light against the darkness.

Finally, thank you Anna, for the chance to build upon this wonderful hub of spirituality you created. 

All my best,

Adam Pike

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