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Addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy habits can be caused by a spiritual or emotional emptiness

On this page, you'll find resources gathered with the
intention of helping you to overcome them


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Addiction Centres & Organisations

Books on Addiction & Recovery

"I lived with addiction and depression for many years, only recently removing these shackles. It's a terrible place, but it's a place where great things are forged.

If you're currently battling these demons, I hope this will assist you!"


When did it start and when does it end
Nothing is clear on this path you descend
Pernicious thoughts of doom and gloom
One track mind, a call to consume

Variety of choice, though one does for most
Ruinous leech, boring deep into host
Fill sacred space, source of all your pain
Inhibits the healing, attempts are in vain

A feedback loop, a cruel carousel
Centre of the storm, condemned to mental cell
Blinded by perspective, apparent lack of choice
Assistance rarely sought, silent is your voice

Deeper in you go, farther from salvation
Suffer from environment, of your own creation
Time becomes illusory, and often you forget
If you can’t recall, then you surely can’t regret

Losing your old friends, of course they are to blame
New the same as you, help obfuscate the shame
All appears normal, to birds of a feather
No problem to be seen when you’re hiding out together

Moments in the mist, clear vision comes in bursts
Watch your fall from grace, believing you are cursed
Secrets are normality, trusting not a soul
Your habit is your only friend, deep within your hole

Hiding from yourself, losing your identity
Embodying the illness, replacing personality
Strive to stay the same, to others may seem strange
No desire to improve, for even progress is a change


When did it start and when does it end
How did you begin, this healthy upward trend
Daring to hope, thinking positively
No more callous judging, let yourself be free

Perhaps you did reach, the bottom of the well
Different for us all, is our custom hell
No direction left to go, but to finally go up
Suddenly you see, half full now is your cup

New desire to change, be courageous and brave
Willing to take the risk, be no longer a slave
Those who helped you fall, and descend into the pit
Aren’t anything compared, to those who help you quit

This path is not straight, and sometimes you’ll slip
It’s important to know this is merely a blip
Setbacks seem worse, in the light of your glory
Moments like these, are a part of your story

Death to perfection, a long sliding scale
Drifting between them, like wind to your sail
The path to salvation is bespoke to your plight
What matters most is you’re up for the fight

Sequester yourself, from toxic terrain
A vital first step, to breaking the chain
From fasting to God, in all of its forms
So many ways, to get clear of the storms

What makes us unique, is cause for applause
Nobody’s perfect, we all have our flaws
Your resilience gained, makes you stronger than them
Through the heat and the pressure, you’re forged into a gem

Adam Pike - Spiritual England

For Parents

Spiritual England_by Julia Bakay_Lambs
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