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C.J. Raphael hails from the rugged beauty of Cornwall, where moorlands stretch under open skies and the ocean's rhythmic waves narrate tales of resilience. Raised amidst the Tamar Valley, he found inspiration in the stories shared by strong matriarchal figures, shaping his appreciation for the region's heritage.

Fueled by the dramatic landscapes of moorlands and the coastal symphony, C.J. Raphael developed a profound love for drama and music. His journey led him to the stage, where he immersed himself in the art of storytelling through performance. From the whispers of the moorlands to the coastal breeze, these natural elements became the canvas for his creative endeavors.

Raphael's journey into Freemasonry which becomes a pivotal chapter in his life story. In the mystical rites and profound teachings of the Craft, he discovered a light he was missing—an illuminating force that guided him through the shadows of mental illness, grief, and poor body image.

Freemasonry, with its ancient wisdom and fraternal bonds, provided Raphael not only with a path to self-discovery but also a sanctuary where resilience and strength were cultivated. The symbolic rituals and shared principles became a beacon, guiding him towards personal enlightenment and inner harmony. In "The Musings of a Mason and Other Works," Raphael's poetic exploration delves into the transformative power of Freemasonry, narrating a profound journey from darkness to the radiant light he found within the sacred embrace of the Masonic brotherhood. Now happily married and surrounded by love, his verses echo the resilience born from facing life's challenges and discovering the profound beauty that emerges on the other


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