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With growing rates of anxiety, depression and stress, the UK is going through a mental health crisis. If you suffer from mental illness, these charities and resources can help. Also check the meditation and nature tabs - both of which are proven to improve mental health and wellbeing

A collection of resources and services directly relating to depression and suicide. This list contains spiritual and non-spiritual resources, intending to provide a varied selection.

Groups & Organisations

The very best organisations aiming to improve peoples mental wellbeing. This can be through offering services to individuals, creating large-scale campaigns, or lobbying for changes to legislature. 

Books & Publications

Here you'll find a selection of amazing books written with the intention of improving your mental health. Some of them refer to spirituality and some of them don't, covering myriad topics including fear, ego, assertion, and madness.


Websites containing general resources for improving mental health. Includes educational and non-spiritual resources. 

Online Forums

Mental Health forums for those seeking to discuss their mental wellbeing with peers, or in a more informal setting. While local groups offer this service, not everyone can or is willing to talk about their mental health in public; online forums therefore offer a great compromise.

Men's Mental Health

A list of mental health resources specifically for men. It's no secret the suicide rate is far higher for men than women; there is now greater focus on providing ways for men to seek the assistance they may need. 

Isabel Clarke - Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God

A website seeking to bring spirituality into centre stage.


Sensitive Service

Is not about fixing or saving people. But it does offer education, guidance and support to the wider community to better understand ‘mental illness’ from a more ‘whole’ perspective.


Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is the author of over a dozen books, including Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; The Spectrum of Consciousness; Up from Eden; and Grace and Grit. The Spectrum of Consciousness, written when he was twenty-three years old, established him as perhaps the most comprehensive philosophical thinker of our times.


Psychic Science

This website offers some of the internet’s best completely free educational resources for spirituality and transpersonal research, theory and practice with Michael Daniels PhD.

Website: Psychic Science

The Scientific and Medical Network

Founded in 1973, The SMN is an interdisciplinary networking forum and educational charity exploring science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality. It hosts conferences in the UK and continental Europe and has members in over 30 countries.


Alive – Emotional and Mental Health

A website for beauty, fitness, holistic healing, quizzes, tests, discussion forum and many more.


The Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

A very interesting website. Here you will find a report written by Dr Deborah Cornah on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation. Acknowledgement of the positive contributions spirituality can have to our health. A good site for further references and weblinks.


Healing from Within: Spirituality and Mental Health

An article written by Dr. Larry Culliford who discusses healing from within and gives an interesting guide on the religious and spiritual aspects of peoples’ lives, evaluating past emotions and how they affect our health mentally and looks at how spirituality is concerned with people finding meaning and purpose in their lives, as well as the sense of belonging, of community.



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Spirituality &

Mental Health

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