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AI: Artificially Creative?

Updated: Apr 9

Spirituality & AI

A friend recently sent me a poem written by ChatGPT, complete with scintillating similes, rapturous rhymes, all liberally littered with alluring alliteration. However, there was no verve, no soul, and no spirit that I could detect, and it made me wonder. As we all speculate on the extent of the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our careers and personal lives, I find myself speculating on what could be the spiritual implications of AI increasingly permeating our daily lives.

AI looks destined to fulfil data entry requirements and formula driven processes, but how will it impact us in less tangible ways? That is to say, will AI replace our creators, and could it have serious consequences for human interaction and creative expression? While AI continues to develop, humanity appears to be degrading in areas which may prove to be the difference. The over-simplification of our language, the dumbing-down of emotional intelligence, and a science-led reduction of our spirituality*, to name a few.

It could be argued humans are becoming more like robots as robots become more like us, and I believe the latter is reflected in our media. Robots with fully fledged personalities were previously consigned to science fiction novels and comics, anime series, and video games. Now, however, they’re in blockbuster movies having romantic relationships with their human counterparts.


Of course, this could be nothing but entertainment trends, it could be indicative of society’s changing attitude, or it could be intended to familiarise wider society prior to the mass rollout of robotics and widespread implementation of AI. Is my tinfoil hat for conspiracies or am I just trying to blend in with the robotic crowd?

One thing I know for sure, as the lines begin to blur ever further between human and machine, is that it is imperative we hold fast to what makes us human.

'It is imperative we hold fast to what makes us human'

I won’t go into what makes us human or this post will become a novel, but I will assert our spirituality is one thing which sets us apart from machine.

'Our spirituality is one thing which sets us apart from machine'

Ghost in the Shell

Perhaps this is the time to focus more on our spirituality, our emotional intelligence, and the deeper aspects of life. Artificial Intelligence may even prove to be the driving force required for many to discover their true potential.

Do you believe AI will inhibit creative expression or facilitate it? Do you think you can tell the difference between human-created and AI-generated art?

How do you feel about AI becoming an integral part of your life?

  • Kill it with fire!

  • It will be bad for me and/or humanity

  • I'm/we're not ready quite yet

  • I'm undecided

Let us know what you think!

See you in Spiritual England,


PS. I didn’t use ChatGPT to write this if that’s what you were wondering!

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