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International Spiritual Communities

Angsbacka, Sweden yoga

Ängsbacka, Sweden

Ängsbacka is more than a venue for courses, festivals and volunteer programs. The daily running is secured by a core working community of predominately volunteers, who offer their dedication and service to the vision of this unique meeting place. Countless people relate to Ängsbacka as a safe haven and a home away from home; a place where they are welcome exactly as they are. We long to meet You!

Cloughjordan, Ireland, rainbow

Cloughjordan, Ireland

Cloughjordan ecovillage has become a model for environmental sustainability and community resilience. This has been acknowledged around the world and the ecovillage has achieved a number of awards and achievements that demonstrate our determination and internal diversity.

Free and Real, Greece

Can you objectively perceive that the social structure needs fundamental readjustment and the world unquestionably needs re-establishment ? Can you take a little bit of nothing and create something? Join us and help reshape the social structure, build a world that makes sense, organize, support, act, inspire, aim higher, remember and use knowledge and skills you already possess, share knowledge and skills with people like you!

Svanholm, Denmark

Svanholm, Denmark

Since 1978, Svanholm Storkollektiv has owned and operated the Svanholm estate. On 414 hectares, we live 80 adults and 50 children, who each shape the place and manage our community. Not according to dogmas or isms, but in agreement and discussion. Some of us are employed by the collective in various work groups that take care of the day-to-day operations, while the vast majority work outside in various jobs.

Suderbyn, Sweden

Suderbyn, Sweden

We are an intentional community of between 15-25 people from many corners of the world, working and living together to create and maintain a more socially and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Suderbyn is a pilot site for applying a holistic approach to create a small-scale regenerative society. Specifically, Suderbyn focuses on sustainable development, transition initiatives and

permaculture practices.

Tamera, Southern Portugal

Tamera, Southern Portugal

Started in 1978 with a small group, we’re currently a community of around 200, working towards autonomous decentralized models for a post-capitalist world, with those who share our vision of Terra Nova. We believe in a future without war, in love without fear, and work to build Terra Nova by creating Healing Biotopes as centers to research and model a new planetary culture, with strong ethical foundations.

ZEGG, outside Berlin, Germany
ZEGG, outside Berlin, Germany

For culture change, successful relationships and a conscious approach to nature. We discover how connectiveness and cooperation can arise - a fullfilling life not based at the expense of future generations. If you are interested to learn how this is possible, you've come to the right place. Visit our festivals and seminars, get advice from our experts or browse through our articles.

Spiritual_England_people celebrating together



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