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Updated: Apr 9

The Universe is always sending messages and the more we seek the more the Universe will be amenable to our quest.

Prayer, meditation and silent contemplation helps with understanding.

Learning about spirit which was never taught

As part of the manifestation of human thought

In silence I listened to the inner voice speaking

Love is the energy of the universe, keep seeking


I closed my eyes seeking the inner child

The ancient one inside watched and smiled

The power of the present moment pulsed with joy

But the doors of perception were opaque for this boy.


My heart opened and made itself known

So much to learn, so much not shown

Consciousness expanding creating purpose and light

Letting go inside, not needing to fight.


New feelings were felt drawing more power

As the crown chakra opened its lotus flower

I looked far beyond what others saw

Healing past lives before closing the door.


An exceptional intelligence behind all forms of life

Creation a perfection with an absence of strife

I knew the I AM and followed its course

Ignoring the physical and dancing with Source.


The purity of the inner self was made known

A gentle voice whispered you are never alone

Ending the dichotomy of mind and soul

Accepting higher self's help achieving this goal.


Sojourning awhile in the eternal now

Knowing peace and harmony, altruism a vow

Personal dreams held in ones hand

Be all that you can, world's are yours to command.


The Divine Spark expressed itself, a joy to behold

Blissful vibrations of energy untold

Give love to the mother, daughter, father and son

Creation insists that we are all truly one.


Ronald Danks


When I was younger I saw and the program on TV The Host will enroll the man uncertainly when I was watching I said this man will fall down now and it done now when I close my eyes I see spiritual beings around me not only but also I can sell them without close my eye

Ronald Danks
Ronald Danks
Mar 28
Replying to

That's really interesting as you seem to have precognition and clairvoyance. I wish you well if you intend to follow your spiritual path. Good luck.

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