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What is the Higher Self & The Best Way to Connect

[It's easier than you think]

Perhaps you have heard the term "higher self" thrown around in the new age movement. It sounds interesting; you think Hum, this is something worth exploring. And then you start to think a little bit more deeply about it and wonder, what is my higher self, and how do I connect to it? In this article, I will advise you on how you can start connecting to your higher self.

looking at higher self angel

But first, we've got to understand what the higher self is. Do we all have a higher self? Is there just one higher self? Is the higher self the same as our intuition? Is it a separate energy or an angel that watches over us?

The higher self is a conduit

The best way to think about the higher self is as a conduit. Your higher self is your bridge between source energy and you. Your higher self is part of the source energy, just like your soul is part of the source energy. But the higher self exists in another dimension, which you can access whenever you tune in at the same frequency.

higher self vibration droplet

In the 3d world, we think of things in terms of the physical. If we want to go somewhere, we must travel from point A to point b. In higher dimensions, 4th, 5th, 6th and so on, we can travel without needing to move anywhere physically. What we need to do is to be able to match the frequency of that dimension. The higher self exists in these higher dimensions. Therefore, we need to tune in to reach the higher self.

Raise your frequency

Having an already raised frequency helps with this. We can do this by living a healthy lifestyle and looking after our well-being. The healthier we become in our body, mind, and spirit, the higher our frequency is; therefore, connecting to the spiritual dimensions is easier.

This is why we undergo a considerable cleansing process at the beginning of our spiritual journey. As we connect to higher frequencies in other dimensions, we naturally want to raise our own frequency in the 3d world. This involves cleansing, purging, working through stuck emotions and energy, and improving our overall health.

If you have been on your spiritual journey for some time, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Often, this process is not pleasant, and it can last years and years, depending on how much we have to release and let go of. We often also find more profound layers as we go down our path.

We might get through one round of letting go and cleansing our energy and healing, only to find an even deeper layer of healing that needs to be done at the end of that cycle. Sometimes, it can feel like we are going backwards on our healing journey. This is because, at the beginning, we will release surface-level blocks, and as we progress, we will begin to release the deeper core wounds.

Keep going

It's important to remember, though, that with each healing cycle, our frequency rises as we drop what we don't need, giving us better access to our higher self.

Connect through your intuition

As I said, the higher self is a conduit between source energy and you. Your intuition is a conduit between your higher self and you. One of the best ways to connect with the higher self is through your intuition. There are lots of tools and techniques that can help you start working with your intuition. I use this simple technique for straightforward questions where I need an answer from my higher self.

Stand in the mountain pose with both feet hip distance apart. Feel your body stable but not too rigid, feel into your body, and notice your feet on the floor. Ask yourself a yes-no question. For example, "Should I go to my boyfriend's house tonight?". Feel into your body after you've asked the question, and then wait to see if your body moves forward for yes or backwards for no. I use this technique often, and it usually surprises me.

My conscious mind has an exact answer in mind, yet frequently, my intuition will give me a different response. It is a beautiful way to bypass the programming of the mind. We all run off programs that have been installed in our minds. As spiritual people, part of our practice is consciously retraining the mind; however, this can only go so far.

We must learn to tap into our intuition and to connect with the higher self more often. The higher self has not been programmed with limiting beliefs and fear. The higher self speaks from source energy and will always give the most pure advice that benefits you and everyone involved.

I'd love to know if you have tried this technique before or if you have any other methods you use to connect with your higher self.



Dawn Symons has lectured and written widely. Using quantum hypnosis Dawn's facilitates you to connect with and communicate via your higher self. For more information email or visit Maga Therapy.


Ronald Danks
Ronald Danks
May 25

Thank you for elaborating on connection to ones higher self. I wholeheartedly agree on the use of intuition, raising frequency and the higher self being a conduit. What I call my 'pseudo meditation' is simply me standing in front of a large mirror, being silent and looking at myself. After approximately 30 seconds I see a facsimile of myself float up and sometimes move about. Initially, it was a lot more involved 20 years ago. I ask it questions and dependent on its movement I can discern the answers. Sometimes I am filled with the most amazing feelings of bliss which last for approximately 20 seconds. I know it is totally different from my guardian angel as the prese…


May 25

Wonderful tips, thank you!! :)

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