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Updated: Apr 9

Welcome Back! It's a New Year and a new Spiritual England

A rather belated Happy New Year to you all; I hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas and in bringing in the New Year. There are some changes going on over here, so I want to let you all know what exactly that means and what you can expect from us in the coming year!


The plan for Spiritual England this year

  • A new operational model will be implemented

That’s it, that’s the plan!



It became clear towards the end of 2023 that I needed a bit of help… Whenever I add to the site or implement changes, I inevitably think of a dozen additional improvements during the process. As such, my to-do list is a beast which grows ever-hungrier every time I feed it… and it’s about time I asked the universe for a little bit of assistance.

I intend to build a community here with active and engaged members, a place for people to share their wisdom and experiences. A place where visitors will find what they seek, find what they need, and then hang around to share it with others.

To create and grow this hub beyond what I can achieve alone, I hope to use the many talented and knowledgeable people out there who wish to contribute to a place of learning, healing, and spiritual/self-development.

This will take many forms, such as...

  • Guest authors posting articles and writing content

  • Pages and categories are up for adoption - allowing expert contributors to take ownership of a part of Spiritual England

  • Comment sections on all pages, opening them up for discussion

  • Categorized feeds to direct content to where it’s most accessible and appropriate

  • Generally improving access to the site for visitors wherever possible

Spiritual England will no longer ask for monetary donations; instead, asking for things of far greater value - your time, your wisdom, and your experiences.


What this means for you

  • You’ll see an increase in the number of Spiritual England emails in your inbox

  • You’ll gain access to the insights and experiences of many amazing people

  • If you feel like contributing, you can get involved in creating something wonderful

  • You’ll have access to an exciting new online spiritual community


Please get in touch if you want to join our new community!

  • Have anything to share - written works, art, other fruits of creative endeavours

  • Wish to promote Spiritual England online, help to create a community, and moderate conversation

  • Want to take ownership of a category you have great knowledge and passionate interest in

  • Would like to help maintain the website and make improvements

  • Have information you'd like to share on events and services etc


Welcome to Spiritual England

A land without borders and a free marketplace of ideas, where everyone is welcome to explore and, hopefully, to find what they're looking for

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