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Spiritual Festival in the Peak District

Updated: Apr 9

We travelled to beautiful Buxton in the Peak District for the Health and Healing spiritual festival by White Light Events.

The predicted storms stayed away and we had a day of radiant sunshine and summer vibes. There was an amazing brass band playing in a pavilion just outside the venue, children played in the river, the parks and playgrounds full of joy.

swinging in the park

We couldn't resist joining in for a moment and indulging our inner child.

The festival took place over the weekend and we visited just on the Sunday; it consisted of many market stalls and key events interspersed throughout the days. The stalls are what you’d likely expect from a spiritual event, with mediums, crystal shops, and tarot reading, to name but a few. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see every event or speak to everyone there; however, there were some deserving of special mention.

Dave Whipp had a truly amazing collection of gemstones; I’ve been to a thousand crystal shops and stalls before and never met anyone as knowledgeable as David. He gave me some valuable advice regarding Nuummite (that it’s nigh on impossible to get genuine Nuummite), and he even had three samples of Adamite available for sale, for which I’d been searching for some time. Later that day I was gutted to see the particular piece I wanted had disappeared before I bought it, only to find my girlfriend had done so to surprise me later at home.

David Mitchell put on a great show with singing bowls with some assistance from Darren Clarke, the latter later teaching us about tuning forks and their use with the chakras. It was great fun learning how to use the bowls and hearing about their origins; the sounds they produce are really something else. I had no idea there are no fewer than 7 metals in their construction, including varying quantities of silver and gold.

I also had a great chat with Chris from Usui Reiki, as I’ve recently received my Reiki 2 attunement, and received some great advice from him. My only regret from the festival is running out of time for an Indian head massage! He was fairly new to the festival scene too, and, as the first person I spoke to there, really helped me to feel at home.

Rebecca Norton, Sense of Direction, gave a moving and personal talk on the benefits of nature, how it has helped her, and how it can help others. Rebecca is a life coach with some great acronyms and analogies from nature, such as the strong tree swaying in the wind instead of standing rigid and breaking. The setting of her talk, deep in the Peak District, only served to enhance her message.

I’d also like to mention the gentleman from Oilfaction who had created some mind-altering scent sprays. I was unable to choose between two and upon returning later he had sold out of one, the universe apparently picking for me. I would also like to apologise to The Hemp Man who we walked in on while he was wrapping up a talk on medicinal mushrooms; we were coming for the next talk and should have waited for him to finish. I hope to see him at another event and catch his talk this time, as it sounded fascinating from that brief glimpse at the end.

Last but certainly not least of the honourable mentions is Jacqui de Rose, a highly talented artist I almost managed to miss. Jacqui creates ‘Art inspired by The Natural World, Mythology, and Folklore’, and I’d recommend checking out her work. I told her it was my first spiritual festival and I was interested in going to more, and she turned out to be a wonderful font of knowledge. I'm looking forward to meeting up again at the next one!

Following the festival end, we sat for a makeshift picnic in the central park overlooking Buxton, reflecting on a festival which had been meaningful for each of us. With beams of sunlight shining through the clouds and sipping warm spring water from the municipal Buxton tap, we engaged in deep conversation over carrot sticks and houmous, to a backdrop of teenagers swigging whisky and drunkenly playing tag.

picnic in buxton

Moments like these are cause for great reflection


Chris (Usui Reiki) - 07732 468 501

Darren Clarke (Sound Healing Therapist) - 07974 863 167

thehempmanstore@gmail com

thehempmanstore@gmail com

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